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We all have that childhood crush; that tween obsession that allows us to believe we'll grow up and totally, no if's about it, live happily ever after in your dream house with that said obsession. From Nsync to Backstreet Boys to One Direction, the boy band eye candy is plentiful. For me, that can't breathe, OMG, border-line-clinical obsession has always been reserved for three brothers from Tulsa, Oklahoma. This past week, I dragged my husband and sister to Atlanta for a two-night concert, plus after-party, headlined by my all time favorite band, Hanson. Yes, that's right, "Mmmbop" Hanson. You guys, the concert was SO MUCH fun. If you haven't checked out their latest music, I highly recommend it. 

Must Read

I’m always on the hunt for a little motivation and adventure and this recent piece from Self Magazine titled, “I Traveled Around The World For 9 Months With All My Possessions In One Suitcase,” was the perfect read. “Three years ago, my fiancé, Read, and I made a plan to shake up our lives, which were growing cramped and unruly as we worked in Manhattan, pouring long hours into Read’s start-up while I managed a restaurant and endeavored to finish a stubborn novel. We yearned to feel the open sky, to use our bodies for more than riding elevators and consuming brunch. Before we turned 30, we promised each other, we would quit our jobs and see as much of the world as our funds would allow. Last year, we seized our chance.” To read the whole piece click here

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  1. nice post!

  2. Taylor Hansen is looking pretty good

  3. Great post! Thanks for the book recommendation, adding it to my queue! I am so inspired by people that can leave everything behind and see the world- life is way too short! Have a great Monday! xo


  4. Every year there are better and better holiday themed cookies! I think it's the Pinterest effect and my stomach is grateful for it! ;)

    Xo Ally

  5. I adore that plaid shirt dress... must have for me, too! Haha! That pack it up and travel the world story is a great share!! I daydream about that, often....

    All the Cute
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  6. I love that Mother Teresa quote <3

  7. I love the "must pin" Which I will be pinning for sure!

  8. Love the baked goodies for Halloween!

  9. Those cookies! So cute!

  10. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Those Halloween treats look so good! Love the quotes, too!


  12. Good posting . Like and admire you shared .