My Wedding Dress

It's such a surreal feeling to know that my big day, the day I dreamed of for so many years, has come and gone and was absolutely everything I ever imagined it to be. I can't express my gratitude enough to those who made every second of the day beyond special for us, every friend and family member and most importantly my parents, for making this all possible. Few girls date their future husbands for 10 years, and as you can imagine I have collected enough wedding magazines and online inspiration to rival Martha Stewart's archive. People always say the wedding day is a blur and I think even that is an understatement. All day I just kept repeating in my head, "it's finally here." The big day started with a fabulous bridal brunch in our suite, where my bridesmaids and I relaxed in our personalized silk robes. Later in the afternoon a package arrived at our door from my husband-to-be. Since Justin's a screenwriter, he put a creative twist on the wedding day card and decided to write a script titled "The Moment When" detailing the memories that were going to be running through his mind while I was walking down the aisle. My favorite part was the ending...

"As she walks towards him, Justin’s overcome with emotion. She is the girl that has made him a better man. The girl that showed him love and happiness. The woman that he’ll raise a family with and the partner he’ll love and protect for the rest of his life. And that’s when it hit him... This is the moment he’s waited for his entire life. The moment when... all of his dreams came true."

The second page simply read, to be continued, followed by a couple dozen blank pages. The icing on this super sweet surprise was a stunning diamond bracelet he gave me to wear on our special day. Cue the tears. 

Thank goodness for my fabulous mom and amazing bridal party who successfully buttoned the hundreds of buttons that lined the back of my dress.  

My Cinderella slippers designed by Giuseppe Zanotti

Because Justin and I knew tears would be a major factor, we decided to do a reveal before our ceremony so that we could have a private moment together. My heart was pounding while I stood behind the door waiting to see him. It truly was a moment I'll cherish forever.   

I had a glam squad come do hair and makeup for all of my girls the morning of the wedding. We all got airbrush makeup which created a natural look that didn't wear off or fade the entire day. Of course glamorous lashes were a must and a natural lip stain finished off my wedding day look. 

Wedding earrings from La Belle Gem. 

My gorgeous sister and maid of honor! I gave all of my bridesmaids diamond earrings from Posh Locket to accentuate their plum purple glam look. 

There's nothing more handsome than a guy in a bow tie. We chose Vera Wang tux's for the groomsmen and a custom Calvin Klein tux for Justin.

When choosing my dress I knew I wanted something classically dramatic and when I laid eyes on this Lazaro gown, I knew it was meant for me. Now, if I could only wear something this glamours everyday!

My beautiful bridesmaids wearing Betsy and Adam gowns! 

Since my girl's were different heights, we opted for a quick fix to prevent the awkward stair step effect, different shoes. The small's wore strappy black platforms and the tall's wore jeweled Fibi & Clo sandals. This was the perfect solution to making them all the same height!

Tomorrow will be all about the ceremony. And as predicted, I bawled the entire way down the aisle. Stay tuned! Xo