Wedding Week: Bachelorette & More

Justin and I are blessed with some of the best friends in the world. And since we've been friends with most of them for the entire duration of our 10 year relationship all of our friends are friends. We decided the best way to celebrate was to get an amazing suite for our bridesmaids and groomsmen to stay in during the week leading up to our big day. The suite, which had this killer view, also came with a huge hot tub big enough for everyone and their dates. Needless to say, the party never ended. 

As a thank you to all of our guests, we had a welcome basket waiting for them in their rooms when they arrived in town. My mom and I created all of the baskets, we had so much fun over the last few months picking everything out! They were ccomplete with an itinerary filled with all the details about where we'd be hosting breakfast and lunch during the week, as well as a personalized cup with our wedding logo, sunscreen, and some of Justin and I's favorite treats.  

One of the many creative and thoughtful gifts my lovely bridal team surprised me with. Colorful tubes and personalized beach towels (Mrs. James... eek) which came in fabulous monogrammed zebra print tote bags... How did I get such incredible friends! 

Last minute table decor DIY and a much needed spa visit the day before the wedding! 

On our way to the dock to meet the boat for an epic night of bachelorette-ness! My sister (maid-of-honor) arranged to have a boat pick us up for a sunset cruise that also took us around to all of our bachelorette destinations. 

Middle of the ocean, music blasting, sipping wine. Let the fun begin! 

After our dance party and taking in the sunset it was time to make it to our dinner reservation. Unfortunately none of us realized how fast we would have to go to get there. After clinching each other to stay on board and holding onto our fabulous false lashes we finally arrived. Our hair was pretty much done for the night, but thank goodness all of my girls are good sports.

The solution to fixing windblown boat hair... forks, duh! Thank you Little Mermaid

Grabbing a bite to eat before heading out for the third night of craziness. One of the few times we hung out with the boys during the week. 

This is what happens when you let us on stage!

Whitest sand in the country! 

Sunset rehearsal! I'll never forget this feeling. It was the first time I realized how fast everything was flying by. The big day was exactly twenty four hours away and I couldn't have been more excited. 

We had a gorgeous rehearsal dinner at an adorable italian restaurant. Afterwards all of the girls sat by the pool and sipped wine. Since more of our wedding guests were arriving everyday, it was nice to have a chance to sit down and visit with the new faces.  

Of course the fabulous Fash Boulevard Barbie had to make a cameo in Destin. She was one of the amazing gifts from my bridesmaids at my Barbie themed bridal shower which you may remember seeing here.  

Still to come... The dress, the details and the big day! Stay tuned. Xo