It's Fall! (In my head)

Sweater and Pants from Off 5th at Ontario Mills, Leopard Cuff: BitzofGlitz, Boots: Pink & Pepper
The temperature in LA may not be portraying the winter wonderland I'm dreaming of, but I'm not letting that stop me for pretending like it's December. My routine is as follows... Get in my car, crank the air conditioning on high, blast Christina Aguilera's Christmas CD, and enjoy the sweet uh-mazingness that is a pumpkin spice latte. All of which is a great exercise for Christmas in LA. (I start this routine in July... don't judge) This past weekend was all about shopping for slouchy sweaters, denim, and of course boots. From riding boots to ankle booties, I literally can't get enough. The second I spotted these Pink & Pepper boots, I knew I had to have them. I can already foresee a battle with my sister over the footwear when I return home for the holidays, which reminds me... I seriously need to plan a surprise visit to Auburn University to reclaim the other half of my wardrobe from her. The dryer may have eaten my socks but I'm pretty sure it doesn't eat Michael Kors bags and Tori Burch flats. I'm on to you sis! In the mean time, how's the weather where you are? Feeling fall or still stuck in summer? 

As you know, last week I had the honor of speaking on the Style Maker panel at Ontario Mills as the kick off to a week of style events, which concluded last night with a seriously fabulous fashion show under the stars. The event was hosted by the super inspirational Giuliana Rancic, who I got to catch up with before the show. We chatted about baby Duke, who's doing amazing and G even gushed that he loved the outfit that I bought for him! Eek. Dying to see pics. She seriously couldn't be more sweet. Oh and how beyond amaze is her TopShop dress? Don't forget to check out, my style column will be debuting later this month! Xo

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