12 Must-Have Coats

Coat - A New Day (similar here & here) | Denim - Abercrombie (similar here) | Sweater - H&M | Boots - ShoeDazzle Tiana Flat Boot | Watch - Michael Kors | Handbag - LC Lauren Conrad | Sunglasses - Pineapple Proper

Below are some of my favorite coats that are currently available. Most are on sale or clearance! 

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My Favorite Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, lovebirds! As many of you know, I have been lucky enough to celebrate the last 16 Valentine Day's with the love of my life. But what you may not know, is what one of my all-time favorite Valentine's Day memories is. It was the first year Justin was living in LA. I was finishing up my junior year at Auburn University and missing him terribly. After a long day of classes, I headed back to my condo, where I discovered dozens of pink gerbera daisies hanging by their stems from the porch ceiling, dangling above a throng of rose petals scattered across the floor of my porch.  I can still remember the instant feeling of butterflies. I was nervous and giddy all at the same time. At the end of the flowery path, a simple red box waited. Inside I found a tiny note that read: "Not even 2,000 miles could keep me away from my Valentine." When I opened the door, Justin was standing inside holding a gorgeous bouquet of roses. It was a truly special moment that I won't ever forget. Later he revealed all the funny close calls he had earlier in the day. One of which involved having to convince airport security to allow him to stand in a cleaning supply closet in order to answer my traditional morning phone call. Communication is key when it comes to long-distance relationships, so I always made sure to call him on my way to my first class each morning. He knew if he didn't answer it might seem a little suspicious, but he had just landed and the airport sound system was spitting out flight info on repeat, which would have been a dead giveaway that he wasn't stuck in the usual 405 traffic. So he hid in the quietest place he could find and our morning chat went on without a glitch. It was a perfect surprise from the perfect Valentine. I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day full of smiles and wonderful memories. XO

Pink Lady


I've always been intrigued with the emotional power that a certain scent can carry. A specific smell can sometimes trigger a series of memories, instantly taking us back to a place and time. I recently started using Scentbird, a subscription service for perfumes and colognes and I'm already a huge fan! Born out of frustration with the “perfume graveyard” - expensive bottles of designer fragrances collecting dust on your dresser or cabinet - this service allows you the chance to “date” luxury fragrances before “marrying” them. With Scentbird, you get access to a 30-day supply of over 450 top designer fragrances delivered right to your door for just $14.95/month! For my first month, I chose Walk On Air by Kate Spade. I definitely like its crisp and fresh scent, but I'm not sure I would invest in a whole bottle. Which is kind of the whole point of the service. Do you guys have any perfume suggestions I should give a try next month?

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