Holiday Tulle

Cable-Knit Sweater - Gianni Bini, Skirt - Alexandra Grecco, Clutch - LoveCortnie, Necklace - Wanderlust Boutique, Caged Heels - LuLu*s

What's In My Bag? Holiday Travel Edition

When it comes to traveling home for the holidays, a properly packed travel bag is an essential. I live for an excuse to jet out of town on spontaneous trips and I always look forward to traveling home for the holidays. There's a fine line between under packing and over packing; one will undoubtedly leave you with sore shoulders and the other has the potential to lead to several fashion misfortunes. After dozens of 6 hour plane rides and 4 hour car drives from the west coast to the east coast over the years, I've finally figured out the formula for the perfectly packed travel bag and this super cute Miss Me style tote perfectly fits all of my travel essentials.

Headphones - For blaring my new favorite Christmas CD, Kelly Clarkson's Wrapped in Red!

Laptop - Work never stops for me. Where there is wifi, there is work, so I always keep my laptop on hand while traveling.

iPad and adorable cover - I mainly use my iPad for browsing my favorite sites and doing a lot of Pinterest pinning. It's more discrete and easier to manage than my laptop, so it makes for the perfect in-flight companion.

Hand sanitizer - As a self proclaimed germ-freak, hand sanitizer is a necessary safety precaution when it comes to hours of various transportation.

iPhone and adorable case - It's no secret that a phone is an essential on everyone's list these days, but even more important, is remembering to pack your phone charger in your carryon bag and not your checked luggage. No one wants to be stranded with a dead phone.

Snacks and protein bars - As a vegetarian, I often find myself starving with little to no food options, so I always try to keep some snacks and protein bars on hand while traveling.

Passport - It's always a good idea to keep extra identification on hand to avoid getting stranded.

Gum - For fresh breath and to keep my ears from popping when flying.

Blanket Scarf - It only took me one freezing cold overnight flight  to never board a plane without an oversized scarf that can double as a blanket if needed.

Lip balm - When traveling from different climates my skin and lips start to dry out, so I always try to keep some lip balm on hand.

Vitamin and electrolytes drink mix - I always drink one of these before I board the plane for a little extra defense against all of the germs floating around the airport and plane.

Water bottle - It's essential to stay hydrated when you're traveling. Dehydration can exaggerate jetlag, so be sure to drink lots of water and avoid a lot of caffeine, which can increase your travel stress.

Notebook and pencil - I love making lists: Christmas gift lists, shopping lists and, of course,  work lists, so I try to keep pencils and paper on hand for a little old-school notes.

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Jolie and Elizabeth

The Erika Dress - Jolie and Elizabeth, Cardigan - Target, Heels - Steve Madden, Earrings - Chloe + Isabel, Pearl Necklace - Coco & Marie, Handbag - RiffRaff, Hair Scarf - Gina Made It

You guys may remember me sharing about a fabulous company called Jolie and Elizabeth a while back. They're based out of New Orleans and have an adorable collection of dresses that are filled with southern sophistication, down to the very last stitch. I'm totally crushing on their Fall/Winter collection, which is filled with some of my favorite details, like pleats and scalloped hems. I've pulled a few of my favorites below. For more southern cuteness, be sure to check out their full collection here

 See the entire Jolie & Elizabeth Fall/Winter collection here!


Coat - LuLu*s, Cable Turtleneck Sweater - J.Crew, Pencil Skirt - Antonio Melani, Phone Case - Nunuco Design Company, Boots - ModCloth

Black Friday is a week away which means it's officially time to tighten our gifting lists and really put a dent in our holiday shopping. While the chaos of Black Friday may not be for everyone, I've always found the idea of raiding the shelves of my favorite stores in the wee hours of the morning exciting. The key to mastering Black Friday is having a game plan and being super organized with your shopping list. This year, I've found an amazing app that's going to give me an advantage while navigating the crowds on Black Friday and finding the best sales. Shopular is a savings app that can help you find deals, sales and coupons at over 200 retailers. I love that I can save money with little to no effort and that their geo-locating technology notifies you of savings at the stores around you, making it impossible to miss a deal. Millions of happy shoppers are already getting savings assistance from the Shopular app so be sure to check it out and save big during your holiday shopping.

Let Giftry Do Your Holiday Shopping - Giveaway!

What if I told you that you could create a wishlist of dream items you'd love to own and then have a thousand dollars worth of those items purchased for you? Too good to be true? Well ladies, tis' the season for giving. Giftry is hosting a MAJOR giveaway you won't want to miss out on. To enter, simply sign up for Giftry and start adding gift ideas that you find around the internet by compiling them onto your different Giftry boards. (If you love Pinterest and or giving/receiving gifts, Giftry is the site for you) Once you've added some items to your boards, be sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to win! Giftry will pick 3 winners and will purchase $1,000 of gifts from the grand prize winners Giftry boards as well as $250 of gifts for the 2nd place winner and $100 for the 3rd place winner. Entries are open now until December 1st so be sure to enter hereBelow are some of my favorite gift ideas for the holiday season. 

The locket & the horn


Sweater - Gianni Bini, Vest - Cremieux, Jeans - Dittos, Handbag - Target, Bracelet - Bungalow 9, Stacked Rings - Chloe + Isabel, Horn Necklace - Neely Phelan, Locket - Neely Phelan, Boots - Steve Madden

I've always had an affinity for vintage jewelry. The idea that a single piece can possess an untold story always adds a hint of excitement. I stumbled upon the two necklaces above while combing the Internet for items that could truly help expand my jewelry collection. My search for treasures that felt timeless, yet trendy, led me to Neely Phelan. Her amazing collection offers a blend of antique and vintage elements that feels unique and inherently romantic. I highly recommend checking out her collection here.

Are you a fan of vintage jewelry?