Loving Ettika Bracelets

I absolutely adore jewelry and I can't stop adding to my overflowing collection. I recently heard about Ettika and have become obsessed with their amazingly colorful and eclectic bracelets. These gorgeous designs have been featured in countless magazines such as Glamour, Self, People, Shape, Us Weekly and Lucky just to name a few. I love how they incorporate different colors and shapes into each eye catching design. These eclectic bracelets will make an ideal companion for your silver or gold bangles and will also add a fun pop of color. Below I've pulled a few of my favorite pieces from their site. Click the pictures to shop the pieces. Also be sure to check out their massive line of friendship bracelets. Their super colorful designs make perfect gifts for your besties. Are you loving these bracelets?

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  1. oh my! yes their bracelets are fabulous! perfect for fun stacking! XO


  2. Wow! definitely fabulous pieces.

    I always add more to my collection, but then forget what I already have! :P

  3. i'm totally swooning over ALL of these bracelets! wondering how i would be able to pick ONE to buy!

  4. I think all of them are pretty but i like the grey and silver wrap one! That rocks!

  5. love these, the evil eye of is my fav
    I would love for you to check out my blog

  6. Love your picks! The top row right is my fav and the turquoise one! Love it! Check out my homemade Nutella peanut butter brownies :)

    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  7. oh yes, i LOVE these bracelets ~ gorgeous ;)
    xo ~ kristina

  8. Love them! They're gorgeous!


  9. so obsessed!! just blogged about them YESTERDAY!! www.v-salt.com

  10. wow pretty
    I want them all


  11. I like the coral bracelet with the gold charms. I going to the site.

  12. Wow! They're all soo pretty ♥

  13. All of these are so beautiful!! Definitely have to look into the site soon.

  14. I am LOVING these bracelets...now the question is...Ettika or Chan Luu??? Decisions Decisions! Ladies please help me!


  15. thank you for your lovely comment!
    these bracelets are absolutely awesome!:)

  16. i will take one of each please! can never have too many bracelets! also, i just discovered your blog today and i am in love. you've got yourself a new follower and i can't wait to read more.

    -Sarah from livinglifelakeside.blogspot.com

  17. Those bracelets are gorgeous! I really love the first one on the right!


  18. I love jewelry and have lots and lots of it!

    All those are great!

  19. J'adore Ettika!!! I have a ton of their wrap bracelets. I try and snag them when I see them on sale sites since they are such a good deal!

    xoxo lamb loves

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