Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Let's face it, shopping for men is about as easy as navigating through Best Buy on Black Friday. It’s not a task for the faint of heart. This Valentine’s Day, I challenge you to avoid boring gift cards, and instead, give a gift that not only he’ll love, but you’ll love as well. My two go-to gifts for the males in my life are a watch or cologne. Between my husband, dad, and brother, these two seem to be the fail-safe presents and after getting a whiff of Abercrombie’s signature scent, FIERCE, I’m definitely going with cologne this year. FIERCE comes in 4 sizes and embodies the confidence and bold, masculine attitude that your love will love. Plus, it’s a nice little benefit for you, as well. 

1. Abercrombie &Fitch's new signature scent FIERCE
2. Drop Catch Bottle Opener. A smart way to keep from finding bottle caps all over your place after a party. 
4. Rocking Whiskey Glasses. A fun function that also allows the liquid to breathe.
5. Ray-Ban Folding Clubmaster. A classic and cool gift for all the stylish fellas out there. 
6. I'm so in love with this Poquito Wood Wallet. Is it too early to shop for Christmas? 
7. Void Watch. I love Void's wide selection of watches from retro to modern. 
8. Carbon Fiber 3D Printer. How stinking cool is this high end gift? 
9. Writable, Reusable, Home Brew Bottle Labels. This would make a great companion gift for number 3. 
10. Hyperglide Razor. A self-lubricating cartridge that creates its own shaving gel when it comes in contact with water. 
11. These Copper Measuring Cups are perfect for all you lucky ladies with a man that cooks.