TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup

I have been on the hunt for an in-home airbrush makeup system that doesn't require a degree in cosmetology to operate ever since experiencing it for the first time on my wedding day (which you may remember seeing here). It goes on super smooth, doesn't leave the dreaded makeup line and lasts much longer than regular foundation. I was super excited when TEMPTU offered me the opportunity to tryout their airbrush makeup system. It only took a minute to assemble the system and start with the application. 

Step 1
First you apply the under eye highlighter, which instant adds an energized lift to your face.

Step 2 
Start with the AIRpod foundation. Click it into the airbrush and begin the application. It's best if you apply in a circular motion about a hands width away from your face to achieve a splotch and line free application. Keep layering until you achieve the desired coverage. 

Step 3 
Then I applied the AIRpod of blush along my cheek bones. A little goes a long way. I also used the blush to airbrush my lips to add a little lip stain. 

Step 4 
I used the highlighter AIRpod and using this contouring guide, I highlighted my features.  I finished off my look with a little loose powder to reduce the shine. And applied a peach eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. 

I was inspired by the natural glowing tones exhibited in Zac Posen's Spring 2014 runway looks, which I think totally embodied the essence of spring. My go-to makeup is a simple cream and brown eye shadow with the same old drug store foundation I've worn for years, so experimenting with different shades is always a welcomed change. Since my hair takes so long to blow dry and curl, by the time I get to my face I'm usually already running late, so I've never been high maintenance when it comes to makeup (five minutes tops). Overall, I absolutely love the TEMPTU airbrush system. It's small, light, and super easy to operate and definitely worth the investment!

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