Fash Blvd turned Judge?

With summer coming to an end, many of you are preparing for another year of heavy text books and exhausting homework assignments. To help start the semester off right, College Lifestyles Magazine, which you may remember reading my interview with here, has asked me to judge a super fun Pinterest contest, that will hopefully make going back to school all the more exciting. And don't worry, there won't be any "Simon-esk" judgments here. :) College Lifestyles invites you to create a fabulous Back to School-themed pin board.  We want to see what clothes, accessories, shoes, and d├ęcor excite you for the upcoming semester! To enter, simply Facebook message or Tweet College Lifestyles the URL of your pin board between August 13th and August 17th. The rules are super easy and the prize basket is full of fabulous goodies, including some amazing gift cards you'll all want to get your hands on. I can't wait to see your boards. To find out more click here! xo

Blazer / Top / Shorts / Flats

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