Bittersweet : A Moment of Reflecting

 It's official, I completely and totally miss college. This past week while helping guide my, unfortunately sick, but still super fabulous, sister through recruitment, I found myself yearning for the simplicity of college-ness. The days where responsibility capped off at schoolwork and mornings consisted of messy ponytails and reaching for baggy sweaters. The idea that walking through campus is now nostalgic is so bazaar that it's hard to wrap my head around. We all have those moments where life's rapid speed suddenly catches up with us and today, while sitting in a familiar campus parking lot, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed. 

This is a parking lot I'd pull into 30 minutes before class everyday in fear of  being late. I'd sit there daydreaming of life beyond dorm rooms and frat parties. Where would I be? What would I be doing? Then there I was today, on the phone arranging meetings for New York Fashion Week, while proofing a two page Fash Boulevard magazine feature. Physically I was sitting in the exact spot I was two years ago, but everything was different. It felt like a dream... A truly pinch me moment that I made sure to savor. I felt accomplished and excited and ready to dream even bigger. I even got a little teary eyed when I spotted my wedding ring... As you know, Justin and I had a long distance relationship throughout college. I sat in that parking lot almost everyday on the phone with him wishing we could be together. And now... well you know the story

No matter how you look at it, life will always fly by at an alarming rate... but isn't it amazing when you realize you don't really mind it as much as you thought you would. I had that feeling today. It was a wonderful feeling that I hope you all get to experience more often than not. 

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