Stylist Sunday - #10 Jeanne Yang

After a brief hiatus from my in depth breakdown of the Hollywood Reports list of the top 25 stylist to the stars, I'm back and excited to bring you the top ten style mavens you must learn more about. For those of you new readers, back in March I begin profiling some of Hollywood's most respected stylists. Some have never been interviewed and in an attempt to honor their work, I've dug deep to pull back the curtain and bring you the true genius's behind your favorite celebrities. Starting today I'm kicking off Stylist Sunday with #10 Jeanne Yang.

Jeanne Yang is a huge force in the styling world and has had the opportunity to showcase her styling work in major magazines, clothing lines, ad campaigns, and style some of Hollywood's most elite. After graduating from Scripps College, Jeanne landed a job as the Managing Editor and Associate Publisher for Detour Magazine. While working there Jeanne landed covers for Sandra Bullock, Leonardo DiCaprio and even Cameron Diaz who at that time were just up and coming. After gaining international attention and making the magazine a huge success, Jeanne moved on to become the Senior Fashion Designer for the uh-mazing clothing line, Product. Jeanne worked two years as the Sr. Designer before becoming a freelance stylist. 

It was this transition that landed her photo credits in some of the world's most respected magazines, including Vanity Fair, InStyle, GQ, Rolling Stone and even Vogue... to name a few. Now some of Hollywood's most famous and well know names trust Jeanne to style them for their biggest and most fabulous events. Her client list includes Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Keanu Reeves, Christian Bale, Robert Downey Jr. and the always dapper George Clooney. With everyone taking notice of her undeniable eye for fashion, it wasn't long before Jeanne branched her styling credits into music videos, TV, and feature films. When she isn't consulting with well-known fashion designers and cosmetic companies, she's teaming up with Hollywood sweetheart Katie Holmes on their classically chic RTW line. Their Fall 2011 collection contained 24 pieces which start at a reasonable $325 and goes all the way to an unbelievable $9,120. Talk about a large range of price points! When asked about the line, Yang shared “We wanted to make pieces that you could bend over and pick up your kid in and also look really elegant." There is no denying the genius that is Jeanne Yang. Below are some of her credits and client pictures. Are you loving her styling?

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