A day in the OC

Every once in a while the sun shines through the curtains a little stronger than normal, causing me to wake up much earlier than expected. The last time this happened my fiance and I jumped in the car and were in Vegas by 9:30am. This weekend the sun was extra bright and instead of our scheduled hike up to the Hollywood sign, we found ourselves in the irresistibly gorgeous Orange County by 10am. Newport to be exact. I absolutely love impromptu road trips, especially road trips with oceanside views. Justin and I adore driving together, so brunch in Newport was the perfect treat. Our only requirement was a view, so when we stumbled upon the Rusty Pelican with a charming view of the Harbor we were sold. The food was to die for. The weather was superb. And the champaign was endless... literally.  After our meals and some wedding chatter, we drove down the stunning coast obsessing over the beautiful ocean and soaking up the blazing sun. Perhaps the best part of driving in Cali is the beyond incredible mansions sprawled amongst the hills. I could look at gorgeous homes all day. Especially in Orange County. Of course, the day wouldn't be complete without a stop by the beach. Despite some serious hurricane level winds, the day was supremely uh-mazing. Below are some pictures of our trip. I hope everyone had an amazing weekend as well. xoxo


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