Go-To Fash - Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian clan has been dominating reality TV for the past few years and without question the most recognizable from the bunch is Kim. More recently, Kim has been having some seriously fierce fashion, which paired with her glowing confidence makes it almost impossible not to take notice. The one item Kim rocks more than her beloved Louboutins is the always classic and chic blazer. Kim pairs her go-to fash with skirts, jeans, and even dresses which can lend to some extremely flattering ensembles. I have no doubt a few variations of Kim's fash must-have will pop up in the Kardashian's Sear's clothing line when it debuts this fall. Below are some of Kim's best blazer moments. Are you loving her go-to fash?


Something Extra: Loving Kim's style? Check out some of these blazers I picked that are available online at Forever 21. Click the picture to get the look. 



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  1. i love her style and her blazers!


  2. She has such great style! Lusting the pieces from Forever 21 as well :) Great blog- now following you!


  3. I absolutely love Kim's style. She manages to dress so well, and I love that she's not stick skinny. She proves that you can look good as long as you dress for your figure.


  4. Kim looks amazing. Great post

  5. So glad you stopped by my blog so I could find yours. Nice to meet an LA neighbor! I love blazers but I'm way too old for Forever 21...

  6. i love kim's new style! she is a huge inspiration! glad you feel the same way :)

  7. She's amazing and so is your blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  8. Blazers are so flattering. Love this look.

  9. I love blazers. And she looks great in them! ♥

  10. Kim loves blazers. it's sorta insane.

  11. Any chance that we see her with a flaw in her look? She is 7/24 major!!

    Ps. I loved your blog, welcome me as a new follower =)


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