TV Fash - Gossip Girl

TV took a major fashion hit when the always stylish woman of "Sex and the City" said their final fair well in 2004. But lucky for us, the gap was soon filled with CW's massive cult hit, Gossip Girl. Clueless fans rejoice, knee high socks are back with a vengeance and the stylist behind the ladies on the Upper East side is to thank. The man creating these stunning looks is the beyond talented Eric Daman. Eric recently designed a Gossip Girl inspired line for Charolette Russe and was the master mind behind the incredible Gossip Girl window displays seen at Henry Bendels. I’m sure styling the cast is no easy task, but Eric pulls it off like a pro. Variety even named him “the world’s fiercest costume designer” in honor of his incredible styling work on the show. Wondering which character Eric loves to style the most? Suprisingly enough,  it's not one of the ladies. Instead, it’s the always scandalous, Chuck Bass. “It’s just a dream to dress a womanizing straight boy in such dandy apparel. I’ve read blogs from different colleges that actually have Chuck Bass Fridays. There is a whole movement behind him and his wardrobe which is sooo gratifying because, lets face it, men really should dress better.” Daman loves pushing the limits and trying out new styles for Chuck’s character. He's even seen some of his styling creations transcend onto the streets of New York. 
Jessica Schoz continues to be my fash fave on the show. Her outfits are always incredibly eclectic and colorful and her mix of jewelry paired perfectly with her bohemian style is certainly a breath of fresh air. But then again, it's hard to deny the other leading ladies. Blake Lively always looks breathtaking, while Leighton Meester continues to take preppy chic to a whole new level. Between her extensive collection of headbands and fabulous caplet's you can always count on Blaire to be rocking a label. Below are some of my favorite looks that have appeared on the show. Which is your favorite? 

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