#11 Leith Clark

Leith Clark comes in at number 11 on the Hollywood reporter’s top 25 celebrity stylist list. The Canadian born stylist has already made a huge impact on the London fashion scene and she's only 28. The ambitious fash lover dropped out of school in Toronto and moved to London to pursue a life down fashion's yellow brick road. Like every little girl stumbling in her mother's heels, Leith's dream was to work at British Vogue and Chanel. But Leith's determination quickly shot her to success. She quickly became an intern at British Vogue and eventually went on to become a stylist for numerous Chanel ad campaigns. If you're not inspired yet, you might wanna check for a pulse. Leith is the perfect example of what hard work, positive thinking and talent can do. She has a work ethic that has landed her long time clients Keira Knightley, and the always classic Michelle Williams.

Leith teamed with photographer Damon Heath to launch her own magazine "Lula." The glossy mag is crammed with incredible photography, fashion, and of course Leith’s favorite things. The issues sell out almost instantly, which is creating quite a cult following. So much so, that people are searching the net to get their hands on older issues.

Leith shared about her shopping habbits, “I try not to dwell on the price because otherwise you convince yourself not to buy something. When I was 15, I didn't buy a pair of Miu Miu shoes because they were expensive. They still haunt me now. I once bought three pairs of Chloé shoes in two weeks because they had appointed a new designer and I was nervous.” Love it.

This past year, Leith styled the Orla Kiely stunning Spring/Summer 2010 and 2011 ad campaign. It seems everyone in the fashion world is crushing on the super stylist and her bubbly personality. Keep your spotlight on this style superstar, I'm sure there are even bigger things to come. Below is a look at Leith’s Magazine as well as some of her amazing styling credits.

Lula's Magazine:


Orla Kiely Ad Campaign:

Client Credits:

Something Extra: Everyone has been buzzing about the Coco Mademosielle short film starring Keira Knightley. The blush-colored catsuit that Keira wears in the film is just short of art and Leith Clark was the brilliant stylist for the shoot. Check out the video to see her latest awe inspiring work.