Eco Love - Alkemie Jewelry

I’m completely swooning over Alkemie Jewelry’s eco friendly line. Their incredibly detailed cuffs and bangles are made from 100% reclaimed-metal and each beautiful piece is handmade right here in Downtown Los Angeles. The family owned company is ran by Dara and Ashley and is definitely one we should all be supporting. Dara shared, “The satisfaction and true pleasure I feel from creating unique pieces and seeing the impact it has on our clients has continued to really fuel my creative energy as a designer”.

This isn’t the couple’s first venture into the jewelry world, eight years ago Dara started a line, “Dara’s Jewelry” which sold in Barney’s and Neiman Marcus. Her five years of success in the top department stores and countless boutiques only fueled her love for design. Her husband Ashley grew up in a ‘art loving’ family. He too designed a collection which debuted in 2000 that was sold in over 500 stores around the world. With the two jewelry mavens combining their genius into one line, it's no wonder Alkemie is so breathtaking.

My favorite piece from their collection has to be the uber unique ‘delicate starfish cuff.’ The cuff is beyond original and a total statement piece. Dara and Ashley revealed that they're inspired by things that surround them, like the starfish they encountered on a recent trip to the beach. The cuffs retail for $209 while the bangles run around $100. To buy the pieces pictured below visit Shopbop.comAnd to see the complete Alkemie collection visit

Celebrities are also obsessing over Alkemie. Vanessa Hudgens is one of their biggest fan. She has been seen sporting their dragonfly necklace all around town. I'm loving what these brilliantly eco-friendly designers are bringing to the fashion world and I can't wait to see more from their inspiring line. Which piece is your favorite?