Rachel Zoe's Fashion Empire

Today while laying out at my rooftop pool and enjoying the incredible 80 degree weather here in L.A. I found myself officially and completely engrossed in the newest issue of The Hollywood Reporter.  I couldn’t read the cover story fast enough. Becoming more and more inspired by every word. The subject, who else but my style icon… Rachel Zoe. Hollywood reporter named her the number one stylist to the stars. Glad it’s in print… but I certainly didn’t need T.H.R. to tell me what every girl with a closet full of stilettos already knows. Rachel and her boho chic fabulousness have been on my radar for years! “The secret to Rachel’s success is the absolute clarity of her taste and her uncynical passion for fashion,” Harper’s Bazaar editor in chief Glenda Bailey says. It seems everyone is dying over Rachel these days. But of course her biggest fan is hands down her supper supportive husband, Rodger Burman who quit his job last year to focus fully on building Rachel’s empire! Before Bravo came knocking, Rachel admits the job wasn’t always so glamorous. "I worked 20-something hours a day, seven days a week. I was completely obsessed with fashion and spent all my money flying to Paris to go to couture because that was the dream. I crashed shows, stood in line for Marc Jacobs. Designers were my heroes and my celebrities. It hasn’t really worn off.” Hard work and extreme dedication made Rachel a house hold name and style icon to girl's across the world.

On styling, Rachel shared "A stylist is a behind-the-scenes job. I’m never a star when I’m with a star — ever. Back then, I was very insecure about that. Even now, if you watch me on a red carpet, I’m physically uncomfortable. I can’t strike a good pose to save my life. Fortunately and unfortunately, it’s a part of brand-building. It’s just part of my job."

If you love Rachel as much as I do, then you've undoubtedly been beyond obsessed with Bravo's, The Rachel Zoe Project. Well loves, get ready to go “Bananas,” because The Rachel Zoe Project has been picked up for a fourth season which you can expect to fill your DVR this Fall. According to WWD they're already filming and will be documenting all of her pre and post pregnancy fabulousness. As I reported last week, Rachel's debut fashion line is launching and word on the street is that tons of department stores are purchasing the line and getting ready to roll out the looks this Fall. Thanks to the wonder of reality programing, you can expect the fourth season of her hit show to chronical every breathing second. Who else is looking forward to a year filled with Zoe!

Something Extra: If you haven't seen Burlesque yet, rent it immediately. It's a fun movie filled with cliches and great performances. Check out Rachel's take on creating the perfect burlesque look!


  1. <3 Rachael Zoe gotta get this article!


  2. Amazing story. Love this article.

  3. That has to be the greatest pregnancy pic!

  4. The video is so cool. I love all of your something extra's. So cleaver.

  5. love the video/blog/post and rachel zoe! can't wait to read more of what you have! what a great blog! xo

  6. i just found out she was preggo. tiny lady! she looks great, i'd love to take a look see in her closet sometime too:)

  7. this is a great pieces. thanks for sharing. you're an amazing writer

  8. I love RZoe! As soon as she announced she and Rog were pregnant, I remember telling a friend I couldn't wait to see how she styled her baby bump... she definitely does not disappoint!
    Thank you for sharing this article!

  9. she went from making 18,000 a year to 10,000 a meeting. amazing. thank you for posting

  10. I love this post, and just like you I really see Rachel as a true inspiration...! =)

  11. wish i´d look like that when pregnant :)
    great post and video!


    XX I.

  12. How fun, this is the first real baby bump on Zoe that I've seen...she looks amazing! So happy for them!

  13. Followed,you have a great blog!

  14. super cute - n a bump and look that good - WOW!

    PS ... LAST DAY TO Join Custom Sign Give-Away HOPE YOU ALL WILL!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  15. Ahhhhh. I love your blog. So cute.

  16. Rachel looks gorgeous in this photo shoot!

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    L.A. is in my heart. I've been there 3 years ago for two weeks in summer at Loyola Marymount University. I want to come back there as soon as possible. Finger cross! :)
    I hope we can get in touch! sooo nice to meet you.

  21. Love this! Thanks for the support! I'm now on your boat!

  22. I love Rachel Zoe and watch her all the time on foxtel in Australia. Love her style ideas on this video:)

  23. I love the video. Thanks for posting.

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    i like it so much, blog,pics,inspirations..
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  25. this is a perfect post! + Rachel Zoe is really inspiring person :)

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