Happy Birthday Barbie!

This year I receieved an amazing Christmas present from a friend… a vintage Barbie calendar filled with gorgeous sketches of classic Barbie in stunning pieces. Thanks to the calendar, it has informed me of a major Holiday some of you with normal calendars might not be aware of. Today is the birthday of the world's most famous blonde. That's right, Barbie is turning 52 today. And thanks to the wonder of plastic she, like most of the woman in Beverly Hills, has yet to age. In honor of her birthday I wanted to share with you a stunning jewelry collection dedicated entirely to Barbie herself! "Barbie Rocks" by Layna and Alan Friedman. Barbie Rocks is a truly classic jewelry collection that tons of celebrities are sporting these days, from Blake Lively to Denise Richards and even our favorite family of E!, the Kardashians. Everyone's going crazy over Barbie Rocks, an idea that sprung from Layna and her daughter Nicole-Juliet's love for all things Barbie. They combined their love for Barbie and passion for jewelry to create a collection dedicated solely to her. With Barbie's maker, Mattel on board, Layna and her husband went to work. The silhouette design they use in their pieces is beyond breathtaking and a brilliant way to subtly pay homage to America's favorite style icon. Their necklace collection ranges from $85 to $1,695. And the charms are just to die for. Below are a few of my favorite pieces from the Barbie Rocks collection! Are you loving the Barbie pieces?

Something Extra: In honor of Barbie's 50th birthday in 2009 many of our favorite designers created Barbie looks inspired by the past, present and future! Check out the amazing fashion show below!