Fash Behind The Glass

While attending Auburn University and earning my apparel merchandising degree I fell in love with the art of visual merchandising. I'm obsessed with the creativeness that it takes to construct an eye catching window display that will stay with you long after you've left the store. One must truly have a broad imagination to conceptualize a memorable display. Having worked in visual merchandising for four years I've learned how much time and money goes into creating and styling these displays. It's a process not many people think about. Working out of a company's headquarters like I have, makes you truly understand the vast amount of people you have to appeal to, and most importantly the designers themselves. As a mix of art, fashion, design and marketing, the windows have to not only quickly grab your attention but must also compel you to enter the store. The time that goes into conceptualizing, planning and installing window displays featured in cities such as Los Angeles and New York are unmatchable to the rest of the country. It's an art that's not to be underestimated. Last weekend I went to some of my favorite stores in Beverly Hills to document their window displays. I have to say the Gucci displays shown above are my favorite! I love that it has a solid theme featured in multiple ways throughout the entire window display! And how beyond creative is the post card writing on the window? Love Love Love!  Below are some of my other favorites. 
Which ones are you loving?


  1. This is such a brilliant idea. Love them all.

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  3. Your blog is so creative. I love it. Great post

  4. I love Stella's... reminds me of a children's playroom in the best way. Nice blog! xx

  5. Love the teal background. Amazing post. Never seen this on a blog before. so smart

  6. Is it weird I didn't know Marc had a line of bathing suits? Crazy.

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog!!! So great to see a fashion blog from a different perspective!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!

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  8. My favourite is Louis Vouitton its so simple but soooo cool
    i love it!! i had no idea so much effort was put in to these !

  9. Oooh - all of those windows look so beautiful!!! (I only wish I was that skinny!!)

    Sounds like you love your job - ENJOY!!!


  10. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog! Following you! :) Erin

  11. I love those windows. I wish I had that much creativity!

    I just found your blog, and I love it. I'm following you now, and I'd love if you follow me back


  12. hello!!
    thanks for your post!! and
    I'll follow you I love this kind of blogs
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  13. This seems so obvious, but I've never thought of it before. I have a new appreciation now, and this brings "window shopping" to a new level. How brilliant your picks are!

    Great blog.

    Jessica @ Elle Presidente

  14. The merchandising displays in Louis Vuitton are always SO captivating. Nailed it, every time and every season! I agree w/ Jessica above, totally have a new appreciation of "window shopping"

    -Hallie :)

  15. hey, wow great blog! you seem so experienced with the industry. i love your style of writing too. thanks for commenting on my blog!


  16. Hey your work sounds so much fun =)
    thanks for the support!


  17. marc jacobs
    marc jacobs
    marc jacobs

    sounds like a great job to me :)
    love your blog
    following you now <3


    XX I.

  18. I never thought about it in those terms before! I love anything creative, tho, so I can totally see it now. And, the Marc window is too fun!

    P.S. We are Auburn fans. :)

  19. very nice shops :)


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  21. of course i'll follow you. I looooooove fashion!!

  22. Loving the Louis Vuitton & Cheer-leading poses! Thanks for following! I'm following you as well :)

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  23. Hey Anna thanks for your sweet comment! Your work and background sounds amazing and really nice posts! Its so true I love store windows as well and there is so much to it a lot of ppl would have never guessed so great work!

    You wanna follow each other?



  24. thx girl I'm following you too!!


  25. Hey! I like the blog a lot! o course you have my support, I follow you! xoxo

  26. Great job in panaromizing. I learned a lot from one of my coworkers who was seventy three and still climbed ladders. She used to panoramize her husbands work, who was a taylor. I see such potential in you. Wow!

  27. LOVE the blog! I've done some visual merchandising for Nordstrom and have been itching to get back into the industry ever since! I speak your language girl, and look forward to reading more:)

  28. Love this post! Thank you so much for your kind comment and thank you also for introducing me to your blog! I love it already and cannot wait to read more. xo


  29. i couldnt agree with you more. i used to work with limited brands doing visuals and it is the "make it or break" thing many times of getting people to even venture into the store. great post!

  30. This is a great post. Never seen anyone else do it. Very creative. You have the coolest life.

  31. Well I'm loving the Stella window. It's so fun and playful! Thanks for following!
    Following back!

  32. I am learning so much from reading your posts, they are so intresting & informative. I am finding that I want to read more. You should write a book, or better yet a fashion column in Vogue or Cosmo, I find your writeing more intresting than half the people currently writeing for them.

  33. Couldn't agree more! Marc's my fav!


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