Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian

I'm currently 32,000 feet in the air watching "The Kardashian's" on E and figured there'd be no better time then to have a Kardashian update. Kim literally has come a long way from being Paris Hilton's fash accessory. It's amazing what brains and fame can do for a girl, unfortunately it's rare for one to embody both. One look at the empire Kim's created and it's easy to see she's quite the exception. Her newest venture is a solo jewelry line titled, Belle Noel, the latter being Kim's middle name.

The queen of reality TV started 2011 strong with the launch of her jewelry line in early February. She held a shopping and champagne event open to the public at the posh Revolve Clothing store on the uber chic street, Melrose Ave. Everyone from Beverly to Riverside has been buzzing about the E starlet's new line. This could be due to the fact that the pieces are additively amazing and extremely affordable, a combination you don't see much in celebrity created lines.

The collection was designed by Kim and produced by jeweler Pascal Mouawad’s Glam House, the division of Mouawad’s company that also manufactures House of Harlow 1960 by Nicole Richie. When it came to picking the best, Kim sure knows what she's doing. Smart girl.

“Designing jewelry is such a great way for me to express myself,” said Kim. “The line is fun, edgy, young and kind of rocker, but still with my signature glam look. Since I dress really feminine I like to wear these pieces to add a little toughness to my outfit.”

This isn’t Kim’s first venture into the jewelry and fashion design world. The Kardashian klan have been teaming with Bebe, Sears and other major brands to create signature pieces for a while. You have to admire Kim’s amazing work ethic. The girl's drop dead gorgeous, ridiculously charming, and majorly brilliant. I have popped into the Kardashian’s store Dash a few times in Calabasas, Ca and it’s undeniable that these little ladies have an incredible design aesthetic. The store design and their selection of amazing designer apparel and accessories is unmatched. I absolutely adore the Kardashian’s and wish them nothing but success. It seems that everything they touch turns to gold, so fash lovers expect this line to do the same. Check out some of my favorite pieces from the collection below. Also check out the complete seventy five pieces collection online, and nab some Belle Noel for yourself today.