#22 Brad Goreski

This celebrity stylist is perhaps the second most recognizable or one half of the most recognizable of the bunch. The first being his former boss, queen bee of the styling world, Rachel Zoe. That's right, Zoe's former bow-tie clad, suspender wearing associate has stepped out of the super stylist's shadow and we're following his every move. If I was creating this list Brad would be at the top of it in a heartbeat. We all know he's beyond talented, beyond hilarious, and beyond entertaining, but after a recent message he left me commenting on my Kate Spade post, it's clear Brad's heart is as big as his love for Chanel. To say he's made my night, wouldn't do it justice. Many come to Hollywood to style the stars, but few that have reached such heights as Mr. Bradly remain as kind and sincere. We should all take note. 

It's truly incredible that he went from being the assistant to the number one celebrity stylist to a stand alone name at number twenty two on "The Hollywood Reporters" list. This is simply remarkable and completely deserved. Since September twenty ten, Brad and his fierce glasses have been on everyone's must have list. The dapper style guru recently worked for the luxury brand, Kate Spade, where he was a style consultant for Spade's Fall 2011 collection. Word on Sunset Blvd is Brad's in major Hollywood demand. The first A-lister to swipe him up is the always astonishing Jessica Alba, who walked the red carpet at the BAFTA'S in an extremely memorable and stunning blue Versace gown hand picked by Brad, of course.

Brad, a native of Port Perry, Ontario enjoys keeping his face public and his personal life private. What we do know is this growing style icon moved to LA ten years ago "for love" and the rest is fashion history. Keep an eye out for Brad. He'll be catapulting up this list in no time. Until then, he's number one in our hearts.

Also, check out Brad's new blog! It is completely uh-mazing. 


Something Extra: Check out Brad's shining moment while assisting Rachel Zoe pull together all of her Oscar day madness. Rachel loved and trusted Brad so much that she sent him to the Oscars to assist one of her biggest clients, when even Rachel herself had never attended the Oscars.