#25 Simone Harouche

Last week "The Hollywood Reporter" named the top 25 stylist to the stars! Unfortunately, the article's two or three sentences per stylist left me wanting to know much more about these fash mavens. In honor of the list I've decided to profile each of these incredible 25 stylist over the next 25 days. I'll post one inspiring story a day with the goal of hopefully opening your eyes to the fashion experts behind your favorite celebrities. It's time to get to know the stylist and their celebrity counter parts. First up at number 25 is the beautiful Simone Harouche. The industry first took notice of Simone when she became the wardrobe stylist for Christina Aguilera’s "Down Under" world tour. Everyone was gushing over Christina’s extreme pin up appearance, a look Simone helped create. Simone's styling didn't end with the world tour, she's styled music videos, ad campaigns, magazine shoots and day to day looks for some of pop cultures most relevant celebrities. Some of Simone’s most recognizable clients include Nicole Richie, Christina Aguilera, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Tisdale and Disney's former "it" girl, Miley Cyrus.

Simone opened up to "Denim Blog" about her first steps into the industry, “It’s a very long story, but the short version is, I knew I wanted to get into fashion, but didn’t know what I wanted to do. I happened to pass by a boutique in Los Feliz that was owned by a Stylist. She recognized me as someone her little brother used to play with when we were little kids. She asked me what I was up to. I let her know I was graduating college the following month and trying to figure out how and what to do with fashion. (keep in mind I still had no idea she was a very successful stylist) she had me intern for her that summer, and now, 6 years later I’m here, the rest is history!”

Between pulling designer heels and dresses for her clients, the ultra talented Simone found time to create her very own handbag line."Simone Camille" was inspired by antique textiles and came to fruition after the stylist created a handbag out of an eclectic mix of foreign textiles for herself. It didn't take long for clients and friends to take notice in the truly beautiful and original bag.  Fashion icon Nicole Richie convinced Simone to create one for her personally. Once Richie hit the town with her new bag everyone instantly went bananas over the unique design. Soon everyone wanted one and it's easy to understand why. Simone and Nicole seem to be a match made in fashion heaven. Nicole even brought Simone in to consult on her Winter Kate line, which I'm still obsessing over. When Simone isn’t consumed with styling and running her growing handbag line… she's creating customized denim for herself and clients. When asked if she would ever create her own clothing line Simone revealed, “I have worked on a few of my friend’s clothing lines as a guest designer for a few brands. I also make my own small line of handbags. Right now, I am just dabbling in it, as styling keeps me very busy. But yes, definitely, I will have a clothing line of my own.” Keep an eye out for Simone, I have a feeling she will be crawling her way up this 25 stylist to the stars list very quickly! Also check out her handbag collection, Simone Camille. It's beyond uh-mazing.


Simone Camille Bags:

Simone Harouche Customized Denim:

Something Extra: Check out this behind the scenes look at Simone Harouche styling Miley Cyrus's epic "Can't Be Tamed" music video! Loving the edgy feather looks they chose!