2011 Nail Polish Trends

What girl doesn't love nail polish? It's an essential cosmetic must have and an effortless way to add sas and style to any look. I'm completely obsessed. Before the polish even dries, I'm already planning my next color. Everyone has their go to shade, mine being warmer tones such as maroons and purples. If you're a girl who tends to shy away from color, I suggest buying several different shades and testing them out. The great thing about nail polish is it's relatively inexpensive so try a few colors one night and see what you think. It's a terrific way to express your personality in a classically subtle way. 

The best way to follow a trend is to know what your favorite style icons are currently wearing. So I pulled recent pictures of my favorite celebrities. I found that the majority of celebrities were rocking shades of black or white. Check out some of the colors my favorite fashionable ladies are wearing below. Which is your favorite color?

Something Extra: Even nail polish has its seasons. This season expect to see pastels and metallics coming to the forefront. Even OPI's crackle polish will be a huge trend hitting the streets. Below are some of the forecasted colors for Spring/Summer 2011! Would you rock any of these colors?