2011 Nail Polish Trends

What girl doesn't love nail polish? It's an essential cosmetic must have and an effortless way to add sas and style to any look. I'm completely obsessed. Before the polish even dries, I'm already planning my next color. Everyone has their go to shade, mine being warmer tones such as maroons and purples. If you're a girl who tends to shy away from color, I suggest buying several different shades and testing them out. The great thing about nail polish is it's relatively inexpensive so try a few colors one night and see what you think. It's a terrific way to express your personality in a classically subtle way. 

The best way to follow a trend is to know what your favorite style icons are currently wearing. So I pulled recent pictures of my favorite celebrities. I found that the majority of celebrities were rocking shades of black or white. Check out some of the colors my favorite fashionable ladies are wearing below. Which is your favorite color?

Something Extra: Even nail polish has its seasons. This season expect to see pastels and metallics coming to the forefront. Even OPI's crackle polish will be a huge trend hitting the streets. Below are some of the forecasted colors for Spring/Summer 2011! Would you rock any of these colors?


  1. LOVE O.P.I.! And I am dying to try out their new black splatter polish. I really enjoy the celebrity styles being shown too! Thanks,
    <3 Terra

  2. Your ring is to die. love rachel's color the best.

  3. Your blog is beyond amazing. I'm so happy I found it. You're such a good writer and beautiful. I can't wait to read more.

    hearts and kisses

  4. I bought that pinky white OPI color about three weeks ago and I have not gone back to anything else. I just keep painting them the same color. It's fantastic!

  5. Great colors!!!



  6. I'm already in love with the shatter. (In fact I'm wearing it right now). Although it may seem silly, I'm kinda excited for OPIs Pirates of the Caribbean 4 line to come out...

  7. Oh nice color selection :) hmmmmmm

    follow my blog


  8. I Love them All! But the bright red is probably my favorite go to polish color for any occassion! Classic and flirty! xox!

  9. Lovely post!My favorite shades for this season is coral and light blue :) I'd love it if you wanted to follow each other.Let me know.


  10. I am addicted to nail polishes, so I really like this post :) Red and violet/purple colours are my stars, but love to try different colour from time to time, depends on the mood :)

  11. Love OPI and Essie... Your blog is adorable!!! Looking forward to more posts... XoXo

  12. i've been really into silver nail polish lately. although i have yet to pick some up!

  13. I'm rockin silver right now! I tend to stay dark, bc I think my fingers look oddly long when I wear a light color, haha. However, I am digging Essie's Marshmallow..maybe I'll give it try.


  14. I love OPI nail colors, are just amazing and sooo trendy.

  15. Nice post.
    I feel so good when I have a crazy nail polish, such as: yellow, green, electric blue... etc.

    I like your blog ;)

  16. Hello Anna

    Thanks very much for you friendly comment and for following :)
    I follow you to, keep up that good work!

  17. Thanks for the follow! I'm following you, too. Nice blog. =) OH, and I am a big fan of the crackle nail polish you featured here; I like the idea of brushing it on over a nude polish for contrast. =)

    have a great day!


  18. Loving the lavender and the pinks... So spring!

  19. Love OPI's Spring/Summer 2011 forecasted colors, I can't wait for spring!!!
    xoxo Cybelle & Fabi


  20. love your color in the photo. and your ring.

  21. Loving the bright red! So excited for some bright spring colours. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog hon! Love yours too! :)

  22. Thanks for stopping by my blog & the follow...I am following you back! Love the Spring colours!

  23. i love shatter because i am so bad at upkeep that my nail polish always cracks and chips. this way, it looks like it's supposed to be that way!

  24. O.P.I forever!!
    So many cool and beautiful colours!

  25. Where did you get that ring? I want one.

  26. Thanks for your comment!! I love your blog too!
    I'm following you on bloglovin too!! now we'r in tauch!!



  27. Thank you so much for a nice comment:)
    Of course I join followers, because in my opinion your blog is very helpful-join photos, which can be inspirations for me:)

  28. Your bracelet is fab. Please tell me where you got it

  29. i would totally rock all of these trends. for the most part when it comes to nail polish colors, i dont discriminate! but i can say im more partial to darker colors most of the year.

    hope you're having a great week!

  30. lovely post. i needed new nail polish colour!

    but on an important note thank you so much for that comment you left me on my blog. i am glad you like it so much it shouldsn like you like it more thatn me. it really made my day and my blog experience. im a work but once i get out i hope to check out more of your posts. i am following as well. good luck with all your ventures. i am 223 also and i have no idea what i dwant to do. but im looking foward to your stylist eye on fashion trends from the west coast! x

  31. Fabulous colors! I need that tan OPI!

  32. I love the white color and anything pink. Nice post!

  33. <3 nail polish (especially OPI) I am on the hunt for the last picture- the cracked looking one! gotta get it! (maybe after 30/30)


  34. You're so right! I had not used OPI until this January when receiving it as a gift and I am in love. I really want to try the cracked and mint green.

    Also, thanks for following! <3

  35. Oh my goodness, I love these colours!! I just found a place that stocks all of the OPI colours here in Ireland, which after eight years without was like a dream come true! Do you actually happen to know the names of the colours that those celebs are wearing? Love them all! I need to stock up!

    I love your blog!

  36. Those colours are so nice!
    You have a really nice blog, and the title is SO original!


  37. OPI is just the best brand of nail polishes though you should try chanel ,ail polish they are pretty good ;) the black red one is my favorite
    i found your blog while i was reading vogue diaries, your blog is very nice the colors are well chosen
    congrats ;)
    check out mine if you want : http://golbtrends.blogspot.com/
    xoxo happy if you follow me ;) im already following you

  38. Great colors! I used to buy a lot of dark colors but now I have a nice collection of bright and light colors as well.

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