#24 Samantha McMillen

Coming in at number 24 on the top 25 stylist list is the ultra talented Samanthan McMillen. Samantha has had the honor of dressing some of Hollywood’s most elite stars including Johnny Depp, Jamie Foxx, Jessica Simpson, Natalie Portman, Ben Siller, and Eva Mendes, just to name a few. She got her start working in public relations for fashion designer Richard Tyler, where she was able to assist in styling mega celebrities like Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman. Not being able to deny her keen eye for fashion, Samantha knew she wanted more out of the industry and lucky for us, she got it. She later worked for Giorgio Armani doing public relations in LA's most fabulous place, Beverly Hills. During her time at Armani, Samantha had the opportunity to work with a never ending list of Hollywood celebrities. Coordinating looks for premieres, photo shoots, red carpets, movies and day to day celebrity looks is what got everyone under the Hollywood sun begging to know who McMillen was. She plugged away working for the Giorgio Armani brand for eight years, but it wasn't until 2001 when Samantha launched Butterfly Productions that her career shot into mega stylist mode. Samantha is obviously a major style maven, so it's easy to understand why she has long standing relationships with her celebrity clients, world renowned fashion photographers and has even styled stunning campaigns for Versace, Nike and Omega.

Samantha was credited most in her early career for dressing Hollywood starlet, Ashley Judd. Some of Judd’s most memorable red carpet moments we conceptualized by the insanely brilliant Samantha, who refused to be paid for working with Judd, who she considers a dear friend. Style goddess and a good heart, are you obsessed yet? It gets better. The Golden Globe nominated actress told Vogue she'd repay Samantha with Marni designer fashion. Ashley even said she raided the Milan location, leaving with bags full of “payment” for Samantha. I don't know about you, but I'm considering making this a more popular alternative.

After learning more about Samantha I was shocked not to see her higher on the list. But after speaking with her today I found out that a lack of credibility and research went into the Hollywood Reporter's top 25 list and article. "The Hollywood Reporter did not research anything on me, when I told them later that they'd credited one of my clients to another stylist... they then said that they were told to do the article without talking to any stylists... only agents. Except they didn't talk to my agent!" All of these stylist work so hard everyday and to not be credited for the work is such an injustice. I hope that I can pay homage to all of the celebrity stylist. Clearly Samantha shouldn't be #24 on this list with having styled some of the biggest names in Hollywood. You know you've got major styling skills when Oscar nominee Johnny Depp has you on speed dial. Below are some of Samantha’s wardrobe stylist credits. If you weren't a fan before, I hope you are now. She deserves a truck load of fash credit and it's about time we give it to her. Are you loving Samantha's work?
Editorial Credits:

Red Carpet Credits:

Something Extra: Check out the Nikon S8100 commercial that Samantha styled. I love these commercials they are so colorful and fun! 


  1. I have never seen the red dress with black arms, are they sequins? anyhow, thanks a lot, now I'm looking for something similar

  2. I LOVE THIS. What an amazing story. Thank you for opening my eyes to Samantha. Can't wait to follow her more.

  3. Johnny Depp surely looks much better now than when he was young!
    He's got a graet style as well!


  4. So interesting. What a great story. Ashley Judd's the best boss ever. Glad to have a story for such a great stylist. Thanks for informing me.

  5. Hey woman! I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your sweet words on Austin Eavesdropper. :) Made my day! Am following you back, and welcome to Austin!!

  6. I guess i'm a new fan of Samantha's. Johnny always looks great. Amazing post. You have the best blog ever!!!!

  7. I love Fergie's look. New fan of Ms. McMillen's.

  8. this post is so great!
    love the red dress, it's gorgeous.
    lovely blog,


  9. Terrific write up. I love Hilary's look.

  10. Thanks for following!!!
    Love your blog =)
    I'm a local fashion designer, actress, film maker and can relate so thanks for stopping by my blog! I am also following you in return!


  11. wow loved the post and thanks for posting the ad, some Ashton everyday is good for heath. :-)

  12. Thank you so much for the lovely comment, I really appreciate it! And I'm definitely following you back-- your blog is adorable!



  13. amazing credits. very impressive. Lovely post.

  14. Holy client. Good for her. Love the Ashley story. Great post my darling.

  15. Great story, very interesting!!
    Lovely blog



  16. I absolutely adore her! great article ;) bisous

  17. love the red dress with the black shoulder detailed look!
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  18. It seems terrible that such a genious should be at #24...

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