Brad Goreski for Kate Spade Fall 2011

As we all know, ultra fab stylist Rachel Zoe and her bow-tie clad assistant Brad Goreski sadly decided to go their separate ways last Oct, leaving the world to wonder what was up next for the bespectacled style maven and his black rimmed glasses. Well fear not Brad followers, our boy found himself a gig and it's ultra-impressive. The Rachel Zoe Project alum's first big venture into the solo spotlight was working as a style consultant for the Kate Spade chic luxe fall 2011 presentation that took place this month in the Big Apple. Though it's quite the departure from sitting in the front-row, Brad was thrilled to be in the trenches backstage. "The clothes are very playful and energetic with a modern feel, which is very much in tune with my own style," he spills. "I'm excited for this opportunity!" As am I. I think the collaboration is a match made in fashion heaven. Kudos Bradley, you've done us proud. When asked what his favorite piece from the collection was, Brad revealed... “I’m loving this cheeky nerd glasses necklace from Kate Spade! I want one.” The clothes have a campy retro vibe to them and the bags, including a new style called the Kennedy, were a hit with everyone. has already put the furry pom pom flats on their fall must-have list. When asked what the hardest part of the collaboration was, Brad told Elle "Just maintaining Deborah’s vision and her whole concept for this collection and then, you know, making it as Kate Spade as possible, but making it fresh and new and modern, and as young and cute as we could." I'm sure Rachel would agree, Brad's come a long way from the days of dressing up in her heels and fur coats... or has he? 

Something Extra: Back in October when Brad left team Zoe, rumors swirled that he took Rachel's long time friend and client, Demi Moore along with him. Sources revealed that Rachel was furious and felt betrayed. While attending several events Brad declined to comment on the issue, but after Rachel's baby shower last weekend I think we can put an end to those rumors. Demi was very much present in supporting her long time stylist Rachel. Guess things aren't so bad after all.