JewelMint By Kate Bosworth

From surfing the waves in "Blue Crush" to sitting front row at pretty much every major fashion show, Kate Bosworth is certainly one to watch. The talented actress turned fashion powerhouse 
and stylist Cher Coulter are the creative duo behind the super adorable jewelry line JewelMint. The exclusive collection that consist of the latest and most relevant styles is filled with fun pieces that can go with a variety of different looks. 
Kate recently shared in a interview with Nylon “I wanted to make everything $30. There’s nothing in that price range, really. You can go to, like, Claire’s and get something for $5, and the next level up is over $100. This is a middle range of really cute, really fun accessories. All my friends love a bargain, whether or not they can also shop at expensive stores… Sienna Miller’s one of my best friends and we always go bargain hunting!”
Check out the looks below to see how this inventive and creative approach to creating accessories can be incorporated into your own personal style.