OUR Skin Care

I recently added this anti-aging serum into my beauty routine a couple weeks back and I am loving the results. OUR Skin Cares is a potent anti-aging serum that combines the power of 12 different skin-nourishing products into one. After only two weeks, my skin already feels so much smoother and softer. This powerful anti-aging skin care product restores beauty through a brightened complexion, diminished lines, and wrinkles and decreased pore size. But the best part about this particular brand and the thing that attracted me to it the most is that with every product purchased, OUR Skin Cares provides 2 children with a month of meals through their partnership with Food For The Poor. In other words, you get to indulge in the luxury of elite skin care while supporting the necessity of nutrition for impoverished children. Talk about a win for all! Find out more about this amazing brand and product here and you will receive 20% off your purchase! I also just want to give a huge thank you to OUR Skin Cares for kindly sponsoring this post and for introducing me to their wonderful brand. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

PS. I can't believe I haven't introduced you guys to my latest little four legged friend; Hudson Fitzgerald -- Most commonly referred to as Huddy Buddy. For those of you who don’t know, my dog Maddox (you can see him here) is almost 11 and he went blind last year a few months after being diagnosed with diabetes. Earlier this year we decided it was time to get him a playmate since he was sleeping so much after losing his sight. It was touch-and-go for a minute there, but they have become the best of friends over the last few months and we couldn't be happier. Best. Decision. Ever.

PSS. Random fact: Since dog grooming can be extra stressful on blind dogs, I recently taught myself how to give the boys haircuts at home. I’m no scissor wizard, but I think after watching 328 Youtube videos, they came out pretty darn good. :)

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! xo