18 must-have's for a stylish office

Desk - Threshold, Chair - Pier1, Decorative Pillow - Pier1


Stark white walls and a hodgepodge of teetering stacks of paper aren't exactly the ingredients for an inspired workflow. Preventing your workspace from turning into a desktop disaster is crucial for productivity and sanity, but what about inspiration? What about color? I’m talking about after you've perfected your filing system and organized your clutter.For many of us, a clean workspace or cubical just isn't enough. When your eye wanders from your computer screen or drifts north of your paperwork, wouldn't it be nice if it landed on something that made you smile? There are dozens of colorful desk accessories that can give your space a preppy pick me up. So let’s ditch that lifeless stapler and those dreary paper clips! To see more pictures and to read all about my desk must-haves head over to Laurenconrad.com here