Pink Lady


I've always been intrigued with the emotional power that a certain scent can carry. A specific smell can sometimes trigger a series of memories, instantly taking us back to a place and time. I recently started using Scentbird, a subscription service for perfumes and colognes and I'm already a huge fan! Born out of frustration with the “perfume graveyard” - expensive bottles of designer fragrances collecting dust on your dresser or cabinet - this service allows you the chance to “date” luxury fragrances before “marrying” them. With Scentbird, you get access to a 30-day supply of over 450 top designer fragrances delivered right to your door for just $14.95/month! For my first month, I chose Walk On Air by Kate Spade. I definitely like its crisp and fresh scent, but I'm not sure I would invest in a whole bottle. Which is kind of the whole point of the service. Do you guys have any perfume suggestions I should give a try next month?

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