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Last week on we shared another edition of my new interview series, Ladies Who Laptop. In the past few years, a new archetype of what it means to be a modern businesswoman has emerged. In this digital age, where marketing ourselves is just a click away, more and more ladies are rising from the throes of dreamland and becoming mini moguls. This month's spotlight embodies everything that inspired me to create this series. Emily Ley, the self-taught graphic designer and creator of the extremely sought after Simplified Planner - started with a dream and built a fast growing planner business that is now carried in over 300 retail stores across the U.S. Swing by to learn more about the mom of three and her inspiring journey here.

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Yum! Yum! Yum! Here's a little sneak peek at my next piece on Stay tuned later this week for some must-have picnic essentials. 

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 Last week the hubby and I spent a few nights in New Orleans, where we attended the oh-so-amazing Move Tour starring the incredibly talented Julianne and Derek Hough. The show is a cross between Broadway and the most epic dance party ever. The amazing duo never fail to impress when it comes to singing, dancing, and getting the crowd to MOVE. I can not say enough nice things about these two. I've been a huge fan of Julianne's for a few years now. The girl can pretty much do it all. Her performance in Footloose never ceases to amaze me and I am SO SO excited to see her kill it in Fox's Grease Live in a few months. My hubby is good friends with the producers so I've had the honor of seeing some behind the scenes goodies. The show stars Julianne as Sandy and Vanessa Hudgens as Rizzo. They are keeping the part of Danny top secret for now, but I'll give you a little clue.... he co-stared in a popular movie musical that came out within the last five years. Shh! As for the show, you can check out my two favorite performances here and here

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