Monday Must

Must Recreate - Valentine's Day Sweets

Holy-adorable-food-I'll-never-be-able-to-make-look-this-cute-alert! When it comes to treats, it's never too early to start thinking about what you're going to be giving your Valentine. I stumbled upon these ADORABLE donut Valentine's Day treats, which I can't wait to try and attempt. Find out how to recreate these sweets here and here!

Must Share - East Coast Wedding Weekend

This weekend my hubby and I, along with our little doggy (who's diabetic and can't be without us for too long) headed to Atlanta for a friend's wedding. We had so much fun dancing the night away with some of our favorite people and ending the tailgate themed event with a yummy slice of pizza... or two! 

Must Listen - Kelly Clarkson's First Single

I've been a massive Kelly fan since the first episode of American Idol and her latest single, which just got released today, is no exception. While I will always be a fan of her catchy break-up anthems, the super positive Heartbeat Song is a nice departure for the new mommy. 

Must Buy - Dresses

With baby showers and weddings filling up my spring calendar, I've decided to start the search early for the perfect dress for each occasion. I'm currently crushing on spring inspired dusty blue dresses. Shop the above looks here and here!

Must Watch - 2 Year Old Rapper

I'm completely in love with this little 2 year old boy, who can't even talk yet but has somehow mastered his own way of rapping. I've made everyone I know watch this video and so far I can't seem to go an hour without pulling it back up. And the cutest kid award goes to....

Must Revisit - Valentine's Outfit Ideas

The perfect Valentine's Day ensemble is all about finding the ideal balance of red, pink and white without looking overly excited for the impending holiday. Be sure to check out my outfit suggestions from last year, here, here, and here

Which of this week's Monday musts was your favorite?