Dress - RiffRaff, Heels - ShoeDazzle, Scarf - Target, Handbag - Olivia + Joy (similar here), Rings - Chloe + Isabel, Earrings - Mimi Boutique

As we embark on the first few weeks of autumn, the eagerness to dive headfirst into fall apparel is at an all time high. Unfortunately, for most of us, brisk weather is still quite a ways away. In the meantime, a lightweight, warm-to-cold weather scarf is an easy and stylish way to provide the winter-comfort we’re all craving.  There are dozens of ways to wear a scarf, and choosing the right style will make all the difference in making your outfit on trend. For the better part of October, drape your scarves freely around your neck so that both ends fall loosely in the front. Adjust accordingly to leave a generous gap between your neck and the fabric. The longer the scarf, the better. Knotting your scarf at the bottom will also provide a more relaxed visual. As the temperature drops, the scarves should rise, until the weather calls for a snug wrap around the neck. Until then, keep it loose. To see more outfit inspiration on how to style your autumn scarves swing by LaurenConrad.com to check out my latest column.