spring cleaning: tips & tricks for decluttering

Am I the only person who treats spring cleaning like a holiday? Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly no "Queen of cleaning," and it's important to stay organized year round, but a part of me always gets super excited at the prospect of discovering new ways to clear clutter -- even if the result is sometimes less than... inspiring. The saying "clean house, clear mind," could not be more true, and after the chaos of the holidays, I could certainly use a clear mind, thus the result of a little premature spring cleaning preparation -- hey, it's all about planning, right?  

Organize Your Shoes

Every girl dreams of having the Carrie Bradshaw of closets, but unfortunately, we're stuck trying to find ways to achieve it on a bargain budget. To keep your shoe collection looking extra impressive, be sure to pack up shoes that are out of season and donate shoes that you no longer wear. These are two of my favorite shoe displays currently available here and here.

Organize Your Jewelry

I love the idea of displaying your favorite classic and statement pieces like a department store. Bracelet and necklace displays are actually super affordable and can bring Bloomingdale's dazzle to your vanity (shop organizers here). If you're lacking counter space, consider turning your top dresser drawer into a jewelry storage space. Collect a variety of vintage bowls, tea cups, and saucers from your local thrift store, for a eclectic vibe that'll have you looking like you invested tons of time and money in order to organize your jewels. Don't worry... I won't tell! :)


Organize Accessories

 It's crucial to purge pieces from your collection that you don't wear to avoid unwanted clutter. A simple shelving unit, spiced up with storage hooks, can properly store your unused handbags and allow you to easily see all of them at once. As for your scarves,  use a towel bar and loop your summer and winter scarves around it.  Here is bar for only $13!


Pack Up Winter Clothes

It's super importante to clean all of your garments before storing them. Try finding a temperature controlled environment, like under your bed or in the back of the closet. Avoid attics and basements, which tend to be feeding grounds for garment eating bugs. When storing your boots, be sure to stuff them so that they maintain their structure; old magazines or even cut pieces of pool noodles will do the trick. And most importantly, don't forget to keep a couple of cute over-sized sweaters out for the cold summer nights when the temps drop post sunset. 

For more organization ideas, be sure to follow my organization board on Pinterest here! Leave your organizational tricks and tips in the comments below; I love finding new ways to keep things clean! xo