WorthIt Wishlist

The savvy shopper in me is feeling extra responsible right now. So, you know how a few weeks ago I was bragging about my love for WorthIt, the super easy money saving tool that helps shoppers score the prices they want? Well, I am proud to report back that in the short time since I started using the Worthit tool I've already saved $171 on items! Go me! So naturally, to celebrate I added a dozen other fabulous pieces to my list. :) For those of you who aren't familiar with Worthit, it couldn't be more simple.  Save your favorite items on WorthIt and name the price you want to pay for the item, and once it fits within your budget, WorthIt will alert you. It's like a free personal shopper and perfect for big events that require out-of-the-norm spending, like the holidays. I'm obsessed! Below are some items that I've recently added! Which is your favorite? 

Be sure to sign up for WorthIt and get their bookmarklet tool. Start saving easily and effortlessly here