Monday Must

Must Share

A little snapshot from Christmas morning. 2014 just got a lot cooler.

Must Buy

These are a few of the items currently topping my wishlist... Jacket/Handbag/Skirt

Must Watch

If you haven't checked out "We are the Millers" I highly recommend it. Justin and I saw it out in theaters and again recently over the holiday week, while visiting my family. Although there were several parts I had to take my little brother in the other room (for those who have seen it... basically the entire camping section) it was even funnier the second time around. 

Must Read 

How gorgeous does Keira Knightley look on the cover of UK's Harper's Bazzar? In the interview Keira talked about why she abandoned Twitter life 12 hours in: “It made me feel a little bit like being in a school playground and not being popular and standing on the sidelines kind of going, ‘Argh." I hear ya, girl. I feel that way pretty much every time I walk into Fred Segal. Read full interview here

Must Confess

I think I've gotten everyone I know addicted to CW's Arrow. The fast paced, action packed drama, based on the DC Comic could not be more opposite from my typical TV guilty pleasures, but holy cow, is Stephen Amell a total dream. Note to TV producers, if you want to attract a female audience to your male geared show, cast Mr. Amell.

Must Try

When I think of New Years Eve, I can't help but see visions of glitter. Spice up your usual mani with glittered tips or beloved one finger accent.