JewelMint Jewels

Dress - Cremiux, Jacket - Glamour via, Clutch - Zara, Heels - LuLu*s, Ring - JewelMint, Bracelet - JewelMint 

With holiday parties on the horizon it's time to focus on putting together fabulous holiday ensembles.  When it comes to styling a great look it's always about the details. Those little fash extras that usually come at the last second, have the power of taking an ensemble to the next level. During the holidays fancy dress and flashy heels go hand in hand with glitzy jewelry and one of my favorite places to get stunning affordable pieces is JewelMint. Below are some of my favorite holiday jewels from JewelMint, which are all only $29.99 with free shipping and returns. Bonus! Be sure to check out the full collection here!