Summer Sweaters

Ok, so I know what you're thinking... sweaters + summer = this. And while, I can't argue the reaction, smart and light layering is actually a fabulous wardrobe option for your not-so-casual and not-so-exterior summer adventures. I suggest color blocking with bright hues by layering a solid colored lightweight sweater over a sleeveless collared shirt in a complimentary summer shade. This simple layering trick helps turn two basic pieces into one polished and stylish ensemble. Be sure to pick breathable and lightweight pieces that fit close to your body to prevent feeling like a over-layered Olsen twin trekking through the Sahara. ;)

Sweater - Joie, Top - Guess, Skirt - Kate Spade, Heels - Guess, Necklace - Prettymints, Purple Ring - Mimi Boutique (similar), Link Bracelet - Derng, Flower Ring - Chloe + Isabel, Handbag - Ily Couture

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