Blue Suede Shoes

I often try to convince myself that I'm not a secret shorty. Heels help 90% of the time, offering a sort of confidence by adding extra inches, but whenever my outings involve lots of walking I'll cave and opt for flats. Just when I was starting to think the "short complex" was all in my head, my husband takes photos like the one below and once again, I feel height challenged. It's just the angle, right? Totally just the angle... Either way, I'm really obsessed with these vibrant blue suede flats from ShoeMint, which you might remember me spotlighting in my latest column for here. I love the ladylike pointed toes and ankle strap, which make them extra easy for on-the-go photography, which is one of my favorite hobbies. 

Top - Kensie, Shorts - French Connection, Handbag - Olivia + Joy, Sunglasses - Amazon, Two Finger Ring - Chloe + Isabel, Flats - ShoeMint