Monday Must - Holiday Edition

Must Share

Maddox is continuing to improve since he was diagnosed with Even's Syndrome a few weeks ago. I'm beginning to feel like the veterinary hospital is my second home. Thank you so much everyone for keeping my little guy in your thoughts and prayers! We're still only about 20% into recovery, but I know we'll make it. As for the picture on the right, let's just say... it's really not safe to let my sister and I go shopping when we're A) Deliriously tired. And B) With camera in hand. The night ended with at least thirty ridiculously embarrassing photos, (mostly of my sister) and of course we forgot half of the things on our shopping list. I learned a long time ago to avoid photographic evidence when participating in embarrassing situations... My sister, however, has no shame.  

Must Try

Oh my goodness! When I spotted this Red Velvet Cheese Ball on Pinterest, it instantly peaked the interest of my sweet tooth. This is not your mother's cheese balls... This ultra creative and super sweet must try treat is definitely going to be making a cameo at next week's holiday party! Check out the recipe here!
Must Watch

Amaze-fest U.S.A. This video still blows my mind. You must watch the North Point iBand play an entire Christmas song with only their iPad and iPhone apps! Trust me, it's more than spectacular!

Must Own

Living in LA, I have absolutely no reason to have a coat closet or own multiple coats for that matter, but with the continual parade of showstopping coat moments from some of my favorite celebrities, it's becoming more and more difficult to not fall into a seriously unnecessary coat addiction. Rachel and Kate are killing it in these must-own coats. 

Must Give Back

It's so easy to get caught up in the chaos of our schedules over the holidays, but it's super important to remember to give back. This year my family volunteered at the food bank as well as bought Christmas presents for families that could not afford to buy gifts and necessities. Even the smallest things have the power to make a huge difference in someone else's Christmas! If you're looking to give back consider these charities... Operation Christmas Child, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Toys For Tots, or globalX!

Must Bake

Since my little brother's birthday is Friday, I told him to pick a recipe from my pre-selected ideas, that he'd want me to bring to his school as a birthday treat. Thankfully, he picked my two favorites. This uh-mazing brownie tree and a hot chocolate bar for his class. I'll keep you posted on how everything turns out.  

Must Listen

I first heard this song while I was on my way to the animal hospital with my puppy. I had been crying all day, when I cranked the car and heard this pouring from the speakers... "I've seen miracles just happen... Silent prayers get answered." It instantly brought tears to my eyes and has been on repeat ever since. Do you have a favorite song that always touches your heart? 

What was your favorite Must from this week's Monday Must list? 

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