Prepping for Thanksgiving...

While Halloween may be long gone, there are still plenty of fabulous ways to turn pumpkins into festive decor this holiday season. I adore the idea of "thankful" pumpkins leading up the stairs.  

Back home there's sort of this unspoken law in our neighborhood that every window and door of your brick house must contain a wreath. Fail to do so and prepare for a season of dirty looks and awkward run ins. So this year, I've decided to make my own and this autumn inspired wreath made from Christmas balls is screaming to be replicated

This "I'm thankful for my dog" launched a solid five minute tear-fest last night. You may remember reading here about how I almost lost my little puppy last year in a  traumatizing accident. There aren't enough words to describe how thankful I am for every minute I get to spend with his sweet little face.


As you know, I'm from the south and while L.A. has many fabulous factors, Thanksgiving for me is all about southern food and lots of sweets. This year I'm planning to try this fun take on pie, pastry pie pockets and pie in a jar! 

With all of the holiday parties coming up I've been on the hunt for a fab hostess gift. This simple champagne wrapped in a fancy kitchen towel makes for a perfect gift!

I'm absolutely obsessed with anything involving cranberries. I recently found these two cranberry drinks that I'm dying to try. (Left: Cranberry Juice, Apple Juice, and Ginger Ale) (Right: Hot Cranberry Cider) Yes please!

Thank you Pinterest for continually inspiring me! xo

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