Fash Trend - Riding Boots

Riding Boots - Pink and Pepper, Dress - Amour Boutique, Cardigan - SheInside, Scarf and Socks - Target

This past week while visting my family in Alabama, I've come to the conclusion that my little brother is perhaps the funniest person I've ever encountered. Not to mention the fact that he's eleven and adorable, which instantly pushes his comedy skills to the next level. After picking him up from school today I asked if he put in any prayer request... His response... "Only that your heels would get shorter and your skirts would get longer." I died. Older, younger, it doesn't matter, brothers will be protective at any age. Needless to say, I've been ordered to wear nothing but flats for the rest of my visit and honestly, thanks to these amazing Pink and Pepper riding boots, I'm more than fine with the request. After retelling the story for my parents, he informed me that if the fashion thing took a turn for the worst, he'd be willing to let me take him on the road so I could exploit his comedy skills. Aren't siblings the best? 

Thanks to everyone who submitted their looks! After going through almost 300 fabulous submissions I decided it was only fair to pick randomly. Be sure to visit their blogs below. 

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 I'd say this pretty much sums up the dynamic of our relationship.

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