ABC Family Stylistas Part 2

Since I had so much to chat about with the lovely Laura Schuffman and Saba Salehi, I simply couldn't fit our entire interview into one segment of Fash Talk. For more inspiring stories and fabulous details behind ABC Family's fashion, dive into part two of my interview with the fabulous ABC Family Stylistas! And don't forget to check out my Pretty Little Liars inspired ensemble, a la Spencer Hastings here

Hollywood is filled with fabulous fashionista's, who would be your dream client to style?

SABA:  I am all about taking risks, pushing the envelope, and dressing very unique. With that said, I would LOVE to one day work with Rihanna on something. She shares the same love for mixing unexpected shapes and textures with masculine and body con cuts. 

LAURA: The answer to this question is constantly changing but today I would say that Gwyneth is the dream client.  I just identify so much with her personal style that to dress her would be the ultimate.  In my mind, I feel like we operate on the exact same style wavelength.  She is modern, sexy and experimental on red carpets but always a lady.  And in her downtime, she makes jeans and a tank top look better than anybody I have ever seen.  Ugghhh....she'es everything!  

Would you ever consider releasing a clothing line? And what approach would you take since you both have your own unique styles?

SABA:  That’s been something simmering in the back of my mind for years now. I’m glad I’ve waited though because my personal style has evolved a lot over the last couple years and I would want to translate that into pieces I would design. Because Laura and I are very different, I think that we would create a collection that would be very cohesive for every girl out there. We love mixing very feminine and pretty pieces with darker more androgynous looks.

Laura, as a girl who grew up in middle America, like the majority of the audience that watches ABC family, what were some of the surreal pinch me moments you've had working in this industry?

LAURA: Not a day goes by that I do not have a PINCH ME moment.  I never dreamed of a life in fashion so honestly I just feel blessed to have gone down this road.  I love what my life has become.  My job is full of excitement, intensity, creativity and relationships and I would not trade it for the world.  There are certainly challenging aspects of what we do but I feel so lucky be working in an industry full of insanely talented and creative people.  

Saba, can you explain a little bit about how you became the Fashion Editor at Beverly Hills Magazine? 

SABA:  I was the fashion editor at Los Angeles Weddings and Orange Coast Weddings and the editor in chief of those magazines decided to start up Beverly Hills Magazine. She asked me to come on board as the fashion editor for the launch and I was absolutely humbled and thrilled! It was a great experience for me to have full creative freedom to create the storyline behind the covers and spreads. Also, it was a great learning experience for me as well because it was still early on in my career and I quickly learned everything there was to know about every high-end designer that I featured in the magazine and also formed a ton of relationships with PR showrooms in NY and LA throughout the process.

You both have become the go-to stylists for young Hollywood, where do you see the company/brand five years from now?

SABA:  Salehi + Schuffman has evolved so much the last couple years that we really can’t wait to expand even further in the future. We are definitely forecasting a line within the next five years, as well as more partnerships with other large established brands. We would also love to continue expanding our client roster and publish a book on fashion and styling. As fashion experts and stylists, we just hope to become a household name for every fashionista out there whether you are 15 or 50 years old. Fingers crossed it all happens!!!

LAURA: The last 5 years have been so unpredictable and blessed, it is hard to even imagine what the next 5 will hold but I hope to be doing what we are doing but just on a greater scale.  We would love to grow with ABC Family, our clients and to continue to challenge ourselves as business people and creative minds.  And all that Saba said.  Haaa!!! 

Do you have a favorite summer fashion trend?

SABA:  Since summer is just about over, Im inclined to share my fall faves. I love everything leather and am so excited for the leather craze this upcoming season! I'm a girl who loves dark drama and this Fall is totally my season. Leathers coupled with fur…I am in heaven!!! 

LAURA:  For me summer was full of colored and printed denim.  I loved the break from all of the black I wear and this fall I am hoping to continue the trend away from the black clothes that fill my closet.  Bright cords, bold prints and tons of booties are what I seeing in my future.   
Girls are constantly asking me for advice about internships and jobs in the fashion industry, are there any tips or tricks to landing an internship with someone such as yourselves?

SABA:  We LOVE helping aspiring stylists out there. We get a lot of emails every week about interning for us and we have always tried to accommodate as many people in short or longer cycles as possible. Emailing us your resume and a bit about yourself and why you want to get into fashion is a great start! Its all about perseverance and hard work and if we can help out by giving people an opportunity we are all about it! Laura and I are here today because people believed in us along the way! 

LAURA: I am a member of the Board of Advisors at the University of Missouri for the TAM School and I get questions like this all the time. Through that position, I have met with so many fashion-minded people who are hungry to work in this business and I tell them all the same things. You MUST intern and you MUST be persistent, especially if you are coming from a smaller town.  The only way to get the experience you really need is to actually do it and the people that go to school in LA and NY have a leg up with access to those jobs.  It doesn’t mean someone from a smaller town cannot get into the industry, it just means you have to be a bit more creative and driven.  A great education certainly builds a strong foundation but physically putting in the work will ensure you move to the top of people's lists when they are hiring. And being persistent is also important. Find a way to stay in front of the people who make these decisions so you are not forgotten.

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