Spring Cleaning

Thank goodness for this weekend. With a dash of rest and even more productiveness, Justin and I were finally able to check a few things off our growing to-do list. We've been in our new place for three months now, but with weeks spent away traveling and wedding gifts pouring in on a daily basis, we decided to put off unpacking the majority of our stuff until we knew exactly what we had and what old stuff we would be donating. After hours of unpacking, redecorating, and organizing (Amanda's style) we went shopping for some new things to fill our walls and shelves. I don't know if I'm the last person on Earth to jump on the TJ Maxx train, but holy cow do they have cute stuff. I found so many unique pieces that reminded me of places that we've traveled in the past. After shopping and buying way more goodies than we intended to buy, I now have the task of convincing all of our East Coast family and friends that they seriously need to take a vacation to LA! Time for a housewarming party!

Sweater- JCrew, Shorts- JCrew, Bangles- Forever21 Ring- JewelMint, Earrings- Forever21, Sandals- Frock Candy, Scarf- Zara Nail Polish- Forever21