Latest Guest Post: What's In My Bag?

As a girl who takes the contents of her purse very seriously, you can imagine my excitement when Team asked me to reveal what’s in my bag. On most days, what’s not in my bag is usually an easier question to answer though…
Since I'm always traveling back and forth from Los Angeles to the east coast to visit my family, you can usually expect to find a slew of plane tickets and receipts in my purse... I tend to hoard the latter for far too long.  But admit it—don’t you? During the colder months, you can typically find me shopping for my handbags in the luggage department, but with summer upon us, I have been trying to migrate toward smaller bags since they are easier for traveling and perfect for spontaneous beach trips. Until our bank accounts allow us to rock a Birkin with our bathing suit, I suggest reaching for clutches or smaller satchels during these warmer months. I recently found this colorful handbag from Frock Candy, which is the perfect go-to summer purse. The box tote flawlessly mixes and matches with my favorite color blocked ensembles, which is always a trendy summer must. Below are the current contents of my handbag.
Below are some of the things you'll find in my bag most of the time depending on the size of the bag I'm carrying that week.  What's the one thing you always keep in your bag?

  1. Bandages. For some reason I’m constantly getting little blisters on my feet while trying to break in a new pair of flats. Give me a pair of heels and I could walk for hours, but hand me a pair of flats and it's time to whip out the first aid kit. These super cute animal print bandages from Forever 21 are my new faves.
  2. Flair. I always keep a ziplock bag filled with a few cocktail rings, statement earrings and bracelets/bangles that I can easily slip on for those days that I rush out the door forgetting my essentials. 
  3. Wallet. I recently switched to a thin flat wallet and find that the limited space keeps me from hoarding things I don’t need. It’s easier to switch purses on a whim and also keeps my purse light. 
  4. Crystal Light is pretty much my main obsession in life. I always keep a few packets in my purse so I can add them to a bottle of water throughout the day. I don't drink coffee so this strawberry energy flavor is my go-to for a late afternoon pick-me-up.
  5. Thank You Notes. Since it’s been only a few weeks since my wedding and I’ve yet to finish sending out all of my thank you cards, I’ve got a few tucked away in my purse so I can finish them in my downtime. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to write down how thankful I truly am.
  6. Doggie Treats. Yes, I keep little dog treats tucked in my purse for my puppy, Maddox Dior. I’m an overly obsessed dog mom and proud of it.
  7. Phone. I just recently switched from my beloved Blackberry to an iPhone and although I miss the quick typing keypad, I totally can't imagine life without all of these extremely useful apps. 
  8. Gum. I absolutely love gum, in a Violet Beauregarde sort of way, so of course my purse is always stocked with a pack or two.   
  9. Polish. Whenever I have freshly manicured nails I try to remember to throw the polish in my purse incase I fall victim to the dreaded chipped polish. A quick touch up will have you feeling perfectly polished in seconds.
  10. Makeup. I generally don’t keep a lot of makeup in my purse other than powder and lip-gloss for touch ups. When I’m traveling I put my mini-makeup bag in my purse just incase I experience flight delays or decide to get bumped. It’s never a fun traveling experience when your makeup is trapped on a plane.
  11. Planner. Yes, in this world filled with digital documents, I still like to put pen to paper. Call me old fashioned, but my planner is my go-to for all things. Typically you'll find me making shopping lists and scribbling ideas for upcoming blog posts.
  12. Magazines are essential. Whether you’re browsing through them on your lunch break or taking a few minutes to peacefully catch up on your celebrity gossip, it’s always good to keep a few of your favorite reads within arm's reach.
  13. Card Holder. My mom gave me this business card holder for Christmas and I take it everywhere I go, even though I've yet to make business cards of my own. I was hoping it would remind me to actually print a few, but for now it's just filled with everyone else’s business cards.
  14. Passport. I wish I could say I carry around my passport daily because I'm such an avid world traveler, but sadly I lost my driver's license at a party recently and the DMV is taking forever to send me a new one. To be honest, I secretly love it. Almost every time I whip out my passport someone asks, Where are you visiting from? and anytime I can practice my British and Russian accents, I’m happy!
  15. Perfume. I always try to keep a small bottle of perfume in my handbag, because there’s something about spritzing yourself in your favorite scent that makes you feel refreshed even after a long day at work.