Fash Diaries - Amour Boutique

This past weekend my hubby and I took a day trip to the beautiful Montecito, Ca where we ate at one of our favorite little restaurants. For the outing, I wore this adorable color blocked dress from one of my favorite shopping destinations in my college town, Amour Boutique. When I was at Auburn University, shopping was my absolute favorite pastime and being a fashion major was the perfect excuse. Although budget constraints forced me to do more window shopping than actual shopping, I'd still stroll through downtown, picking out items I'd die to style together. Amour Boutique offers trendy southern signatures at affordable prices and is full of fabulous designs and delightful charm. I absolutely adore their dress collection as well as their amazing selection of statement jewelry. Now if they could open a store on the west coast. Until then, I'll just have to excessively visit my little sister when she starts school there in the fall. Thank goodness for siblings!    

Click the picture to shop your favorite look from Amour Boutique

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