Fash Fave/Fail Friday

Fash Fave - Kate Beckinsale

Gushing! On a recent NYC trip, Kate Beckinsale turned heads in a striking black and white ensemble that is sure to land her on a slew of best dressed list. Fabulous statement coats are all the rage, which you may remember me posting about here, and Kate is rocking the trend effortlessly. I love the addition of the side braid, which keeps the look young, fun and perfectly posh. The black heels are beyond major and a totally fabulous bonus for this already perfect ensemble, but my ultra favorite part of Kate's jaw dropping city chic look is the stunning emerald green earrings, which add the perfect pop of color, or as Brad Goreski likes to say P.O.C.! Kate's fashion rarely falters and this black and white moment is no exception, which is why I simply had to make her my Fash Fave of the week. What do you think of Kate's spot on ensemble?

Fash Fail - Madonna

I'm slightly more than taken aback by Madonna's latest fashion attempt. Did somebody raid Party City for an adult sized Lady Gaga costume? Nothing about this is working. Yes, I'm fully aware that Madonna is the "original" and that Gaga comparisons are really going to piss off a ridiculous amount of Material Girl fans... but a lace cape and bright red lifting gloves, really? You have a clothing line, insane amounts of money and access to pretty much any designer item from here to Mars, which is where I'm assuming you found this get-up, so why is it so difficult to look better? I'll admit, this isn't the worst Fash Fail ever. It's certainly not as bad as this and this but I do think a few refinements are needed. My advice would be to ditch the cape and gloves. This velvet dress is better left without the decorative chotchkies. Stealing last minute fashion additions from your personal trainer is never a good idea. Trust me. xo

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