Fash Fave / Fail Friday

 Fash Fash - Jennifer Lopez

Earlier this week Jennifer Lopez killed it while strutting from her limo into the first round of Hollywood auditions for the upcoming season of American Idol. Only super girly words with lots of exclamation marks can describe how obsessed I am with this outfit, but for the sake of the five guys reading this, I'll stick with a more professional route. Fab! Love! Glam! Gush! Sorry fellas, it slipped. Jennifer's hitting so many trends with this look, it would have been impossible not to choose her as my Fash Fave of the week. No wonder she had the driver park an extra hundred feet from the entrance. It looks like she approached the building as if she was hitting a Paris runway and I don't blame her. When styling for TV you never dress for the current weather, but instead for what season it'll be when the show airs, which in this case won't be until spring. Jennifer's striking yellow and white ensemble is both totally appropriate for an LA winter and a sunny spring day. With stylist Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn working for her, it's no wonder she always looks perfect. I can't wait for American Idol to start again just so I can see her phenomenal style on my DVR weekly. Jennifer, if you see this, it's fine with me if you just give me that coat and clutch for Christmas. I won't judge the re-gift! Oh, and to see who ALMOST landed as this week's Fash Fave be sure to swing by the fan page. It was definitely a close one. xo
Fash Fail - Natalia Vodianova

Russian beauty, Natalia Vodianova stepped out in a red, on red, on red number to attend "A Russian Fairytale" jewelry launch in Paris this week and I can't help but cringe. The event was filled with some of the worlds greatest designers including Christian Louboutin and THIS is what she arrived in. I literally have nightmares that go exactly like this, I'm invited to a swanky Paris event with the ultra fabulous fashion elite and some how, between the hotel lobby and valet my stunning one of a kind gown has vanished and I'm suddenly frozen in front of thousands in this exact outfit. Talk about a real life nightmare. The girl's rocking more red than Elmo. With Christmas right around the corner, I've been receiving tons of e-mails from girls asking for holiday party styling advice and honestly the best advice I can give is to not attend any Christmas party dressed like this. Matchy matchy is definitely out... for those of you who thought it was ever in. This over the top red dress, paired with red tights and satin lace up red heels is a total color overload. We get it Natalia, you're excited for Christmas. But there's a handful of other holiday colors to rock and dare I say... mix. Oh, and please note her perfect symmetry with the two pearl bracelets strategically placed on each wrist. Was this for balance? I'm confused. For obvious reasons I simply had to choose the beautiful Natalia as my Fash Fail of the week.  xo

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