Fash Details

 Since launching Fash Boulevard earlier this year, I've quickly discovered that my favorite part of having a blog is waking up to a slew of sweet e-mails every morning. Your inspiring stories and touching messages instantly put me in a good mood, but unfortunately this last month the number of personal emails have passed into the triple digits, making it impossible for me to respond to everyone. So, in an attempt to answer some of your e-mails I've decided to start a new feature called Fash Details. When it comes to frequently asked questions, the topic of hair is always at the top of the list. To be honest, this question always stresses me out, because truth be told... there is no secret, which I know is not what anyone wants to hear. What I can tell you, is that I've been blessed with my mother's genes and I've never had to dye or highlight my hair before, which I think has helped... that and I constantly switch up my shampoo to keep my hair from getting used to any one brand. Other than that, the applause goes to my HANAair blow dryer which gives me the best and fastest blow dry ever, thus making it my morning BFF. Plus, it's professional quality so the cord is super long allowing for a wide range of dance moves while getting ready. For a girl who rarely drinks coffee, dancing is key to taking me from sleep mode to work mode, so an extra long cord is a must. When it comes to straightening the locks, I use my CHI Turbo 2, which is literally the best investment I've ever made. I've had it since high school. How it's still functioning is a miracle in itself. Once my hair is done, it's time to brush up on my wedding planning and pile on the accessories. I recently purchased a dozen of these black trays to house my rings and earrings and I couldn't be happier with the choice. I'm not joking when I say I was seriously one step away from appearing on Hoarders - Fashion Edition... which by the way, I'd be totally and completely fine with. Check out the photos below to see a sneak peek into my collection. xo 

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