Fash Fave / Fail Friday

FASH FAVE - Kim Kardashian

After spreading Kardashian kisses all over Dubai, Kim Kardashian and her brilliant micro-managing mom returned from their mini vaca in the Metropolitan city to a slew of bad press. With nasty divorce rumors spreading rapidly, Kim arrived at the Huffington Post Game Changer Awards with her head held high and her waist cinched in a stunning super fitted Roland Mouret mermaid gown. This insanely incredible dress was the perfect distraction. I hardly even noticed Kris was missing. Oh the power of a showstopping gown. I can only imagine how many pairs of spanks are on under this masterpiece. It's basically painted on the E! Princess's perfectly curvy figure. The bold gold accessories, nude lip stick and beyond gorgeous fishtail braid beautifully accentuate the power of this minimalist ensemble. I swear the Kardashian Klan's collection of statement earrings could make Elizabeth Taylor's treasure trove shiver in comparison. I'd die to sneak a peak. Kim's old Hollywood simplistic ensemble was a Fash Fave must... Then again, when does she ever not look amazing. I'm beyond obsessed. 

FASH FAIL - Christina Aguilera

Former Pop diva and current fashion world joke, Chrsitina Aguilera showed up to Fred Segal yesterday looking like a bonafide natural disaster... to put it politely. I only assumed when she wandered into Fred Segal it was to snatch up an emergency pair of pants after a nasty spill, but when she emerged with no attempt to cover up, I was officially baffled. Fred Segal is a high end clothing boutique that I'm pretty sure requires trousers. Then again, to be fair, I think the saying is "no shirt, no shoes, no service"... So I guess X-tina's in compliance? I do appreciate her appropriately placed skull scarf and conservative leather jacket, but the last time I checked the only person with a pants pass was Lady Gaga. Then again, according to the superb journalism that lines our grocery store aisles, Christina's apparently going through a breakdown and I do vaguely remember Britney going through a similar pant-less stage so maybe there's a reason for it all. Who knows, this could just be part of some 12 step program. Let's just hope this is the final step. Get it together Christina. Find yourself some bottoms and get your insanely talented voice back to the studio. And while you're there, please make another Christmas album. I religiously listen to the one that came out twelve years ago and I'd really love a new holiday jam. Thanks! :) 

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