Always Sunny in LA

Most people love LA for its glitz and glam but my absolute favorite thing about Southern Cali is the forever perfect weather. When I was in college in Auburn, Alabama everyone was bundled up with sweaters and skinny jeans by September, but in the hills of Hollywood skirts are still totally and completely appropriate. The amount of fashion freedom you have when your life isn't dictated by the weather is astonishing, which is why I thought my recent seaside trip deserved a summer inspired ensemble that consisted of a bold heart top and a burgundy skirt jazzed up by it's ruffles. Both pieces are from H&M and offer a burst of summer fun. Who doesn't love rocking cropped tops and frilly skirts? I threw on my Forever 21 chunky heels to add a splash of Fall to my summery get-up and I accessorized the look with colorful bangles and my favorite beaded Glam Rok bracelet, which you may remember me showcasing here. What summer style are you going to miss the most?

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